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QR Wise Quote 2

Welcome to my new series of Wise Quote wallpapers. It is always good to have a wise quote around, which you can read from time to time and get inspired. But, plain text would be too boring, right? :-) So, here is the idea. The quote shown here is QR code - special image which can be translated into text by most mobile phones with a camera. Much more fun! You will need QR code reader app in your phone.
In case you cannot or do not want to scan the code, it says:
If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success. — James Cameron

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This is so beautiful.I love it. awesome work mate. :)
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This is such a great idea!
Keep it on....
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I love how your work is influenced by daily events and now technology. Your work is amazing a complete favourite!
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Thats really cool. One question, for the pixelly background did you use a tiling filter over a blue colour or what did you do?
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Thanks! No, I used the process I described here:

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