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Planet Earth - Inversed

By vladstudio
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This planet looks strangely familiar... But something has changed... Hmm :-) As usual, Adobe Photoshop only.

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... Holy shit, you even featured tiny, tiny Denmark o.o 
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I'm going to write a novel based on the world like this
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I feel like it would be the American Ocean, but seeing this concept being given more attention would be nice!
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you are a genius
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That's very creative. I haven't found a Picture or art good enough to be a wallpaper on my desktop for a long time. This piece of work is my choice on an instant. Great work!
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О! Уже второй неправильный мир.. а в чём идея?
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Love the St. Helena city. That place never gets enough coverage/exposure
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this wall is so cool i love the way it looks on my desktop [link]
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Have you posted this on other sites too? Because I downloaded this picture from another site.
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For Earth to be a Rock Planet rather than a technical Ocean Planet...I think we'd be warrign over water XD
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Love this picture. (it is being discussed on reddit right now, if you want to have a look.)
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Very Nice! Great Imagination!

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funny idea, but your world isn't an orb? when you look from the left end to the right end, your rivers and streets don't meet the other side.
the same mistake is in the north and the south. in the north you see a landscape, but in the south a great sea.
well, never mind! the idea and the assembly are great :)
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I love this one. This has been my desktop wallpaper for years.
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wow..actually that took me while to recognize that is earth :-D..nice work!
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Great job buddy...
emmm what can i say? just wow!!!
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wow, this is such a clever and original idea, fwee, and it's so... perfect! wonderful!
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I've been using that wallpaper since I saw it on InterfaceLift. I didn't know you were on dA. :faint:
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I like it... Good idea.
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hihihihi awesome, love it fav it :D
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