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Completly amazing.The giaganticness of it all is incredible.The mushrooms and grass really help send the height of the insects.
The insects tough huge seem peacefull and majestic.They remind me of elephants, just big entities, slowly moving in perfect sync with nature and everything around them.
The detailing on the background is really beautiful and sets the scene even better.
Superb lighting and specular hits, the mushrooms get sprinkled with golden rays of light showing they complex nerve system.

Actually the main insect looks almost 2D when compared with the mushroom's beautifull specular hits and shader work.

Looking at the sky you somehow have a "fake" feeling to it.The style of the drawing is cartoonish/wet paint and a little bit "spotty" but the sky is crispy clear and well contoured.It really gives a feel of "windows xp default background" .

The spot of white flowers in the front unbalance the drawing, they attrack so much attention for nu current reason and mainly ruin the contrast of the brightly lit sky and the dark ground.Somehow being insignifiant they almost ruin your experience by attracting your attention to a "dead" spot.Somewhere where nothing interesting is happening.
Aside from that, amazing drawing, superb theme and good realisation.
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ErikShoemaker Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much for your critique and the kind words! :)
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