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The Pact of the Fallen Ones

By VladMRK
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One claims the essence, the other the flesh.
I tried to represent in this image, the bottom layer, the Heart of Hell, where the Mighty Lucifer in imprisoned. He is surrounded by agonizing corpses, which he tortures for eons in order to extract their essence, their souls to feed upon them.
Before him, stands his brother, the one and only God of Death. He travels the human realm, reaping mortals to send to his brother.
Once every nine centuries, he returns to Hell to claim the corpses to enlarge his legions of Undead, thus completing the Pact of The Fallen ones.
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Absolutely incredible and disturbingly awesome (love the concept of mutually exclusive evils)

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Conveys a presence of evil and dread, also the description is quite interesting, with the God of Death being Lucifer's reaper notably as well.

The only thing I can think of worth commenting is the souls around Lucifer, as their being extracted I figure some would be depicted as trying to escape whilst being pulled towards him.

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VladMRKProfessional Digital Artist

Haha.. thanks!

Well, the souls are trapped underneath the liquid, from which Lucifer feeds through his 'roots'. The ones outside are the ones that are trying to escape, orbiting around him, since they have nowhere to go.

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mutlugazozHobbyist Digital Artist

damn good!

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JEart94Hobbyist Digital Artist

Looks awesome!

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PoodleJockeyHobbyist Digital Artist

Damn! Amazing. Dark Souls and Doom Eternal!

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ObsiniumHobbyist Traditional Artist

What realm did i just pop into! This is amazing!!!!

Truly stunning indeed.

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