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The beginning of a beautiful friendship. You captured this scene perfectly too!

This is a very beautiful illustration, It seems a scene from a great classic novel , like Charles Dickens' ones . The light from the window is rendered in a great way , it gives a lot of atmosphere to the interior scene ; the country landscape outside is like a framed painting , the two characters' poses are realistic , natural, and expressive. I can say the overall composition, and everything in this work , is really fascinating

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Oh, thank you so much for your lovely comment @Colorforms!

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Сериал "чудотворец" нужно было снимать про тебя, маленький рыжий мальчик. Я обязательно свяжусь с редакцией New York Times по этому поводу. Мы обеспечим тебе жизнь, как у Селены Гомез в пик ее популярности. Только дай мне свою почту, дружище, хорошо?

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A real nostalgia hit! Really captured this moment and I love all the detail -even in the countryside scenery!
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I love the light. It`s quite convincing. Their faces are very well done, and the illustration is not childish. I love it. A lot. XO

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This series of illustrations is simply brilliant! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work! :heart:
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Oh, man. It's very atmospheric. Evokes the atmosphere of the distant past, when I was a child and read a book.
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Really now, it would be epic to see an illustrated version of this HP book with your illustrations in it, you absolutely nail all these scenes, expressions, and emotions! :love:
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Oh, thank you so much Vixenkiba!:)
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Beautiful work. I really like your style. 
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I love the style, great scene!
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Splendid artwork~
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Как бы хотелось однажды увидеть книгу с Вашими иллюстрациями!
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I love this, it has such an innocent childhood feel to it.
awesome and adorable!
wonderful picture!
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This is gorgeous,  i LOVE your style
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Wow, this is beautiful!
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