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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets -FanArt 19

Cunning and Clever ~ Slytherin 
Chapter 17: The Heir of Slytherin
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Here's how I see the basilisk:

Say your walking in the jungle and a big snake pops up. What do you do? You freeze. You're frightened. You’re a prey animal. You’re like a rabbit, and you’ve seen something that's going to eat you. You freeze, and you’re paralyzed. You’re turned to stone, which is what you do when you see a basilisk or a gorgon.

The reason you do that is because you’re using the predator detector system to protect yourself. Your heart rate goes way up, and you get ready to move. Things that upset us rely on that system.

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The intelligence in the eyes of that monster practically radiate outward. It's extremely effective at making the viewer feel a sense of menace that only comes from an animal that is intelligent enough to be cruel, vicious, and sadistic. And the casual posture of Riddle in this one conveys his position of authority over the gigantic bred-for-glory killing machine behind him. It's very obvious who is the bigger threat here out of the two of them just by Riddle's expression and body language alone.

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Thank you so much for your lovely comments!:)

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Hey, if I'm going to have a bored afternoon in after physical therapy, I might as well do something that brightens someone else's day as well as my own.

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This is incredible!!
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God, I love this, it's a perfect reminder of why CoS is so spine-tinglingly SCARY. This massive killer snake, lurking in the school, commanded by a mere memory.

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It's pretty scary. Riddle's body language commands respect and attention, but also shows his complete lack of fear in that position. If The Philosopher's Stone is the origin story, then Chamber of Secrets is a horror story.

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That is the angriest green boa I've ever seen.

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this is so PERFECT! I love everything!! your take on the Basilisk, the poses, the composition, it's wonderfully scary!!

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If they ever remake the movies, or maybe make the story into some form of TV show, this is definitely what they should make the basilisk look like :D

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Great picture but I swear at first glance I thought it was something else.

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This beautifuly haunting

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Awesome work, thank you for sharing it with us!

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Your work is stunning me each and every time it pops into my watchlist. You're bringing these books to life. Bravo

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Thank you so much!:)

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Beautiful job!

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