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September 30, 2020
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-FanArt-12 by VladislavPANtic
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-FanArt-12

Chapter 11: The Duelling Club

deviantART Thanks for the DD guys, much appreciated!Harry Potter deviantART 
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Jthorenzillustration's avatar

that girls facial expression. amazing

laurabragi's avatar
The students faces omg 😂
daanbever's avatar

Beautifully done this artwork

Thepenguinrapist's avatar

You really nailed Snape's age and relative unattractiveness in this piece. Everyone else seems to doll him up, but you took his age in the books and his described appearance to heart when doing this piece.

janach's avatar

Magnificent drawing of Severus showing his stuff.

And the background figures--well, you've captured perfectly three kid actors who don't know how to look convincingly shocked and frightened. ;)

Love this. A good interpretation of Snape, and so detailed!

Gustavhistory's avatar
orangindonyasar's avatar

I'm the kid at the bottom right

That is a really good looking Snape. Also, those three kids in the back's reactions. Holy crap!
joseph337's avatar
Your a wizard Harry
As a Harry Potter fan and an art fan, this is right up my alley. Awesome work!
olaivito's avatar

Can`t believe this is A drawing BTW Severus is my favorite character KEEP THE GOOD WOK UP BOY ;)

Wow, this is amazing

Cinnacurl's avatar

Amazing! Keep it up!

Amazing interpretation!

Pyth0n2x2's avatar

God snape's face has so much detail and the walls just amazing

Ozzymodan's avatar

Awesome! I love HP c:

Markimoofan863's avatar
TimMcJimFromPL's avatar
Ururuty's avatar
spiraloso's avatar

Congraz on your DD! :)

VampiraCommishes's avatar

kids in the background X'D

btw awesome piece ;)

JSHADOWM's avatar

Justin Finch-Fletchley's face back there accurately summerizes my emotions on how i reacted to this beuty.

unoriginaI's avatar

the kids in the background lmao

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