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Due to a mistake in executing the Floo powder.

Teleportaion by fireplace...

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I love how detailed everything is!'😍
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You have been featured in ForeverArtGroup's Hall of Fame (60 - May 2020). :woohoo: Enjoy and congratulations!

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Oh wow, what an atmosphere you have captured in here! the amount of details is incredible :)

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This is fantastic!! ^^

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So fantastical!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I'm currently re-reading The Philosopher's Stone but this just make me wanna jump straight to book two. It's stunning!

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This is so good, the level of details...absolutely stunning!

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Ah man I´m reading the books rn and this illustration warmed my heart<3

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This is soooooooooo amazing!! I love the details!!! like the spiders in the cage and the tentacles coming out of the sweet-looking witch's basket!!

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Wow, it feels like reading those pages again!

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I love it because you proposed your own personal version!

How much time to complete it?

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Thank you! :) 2-3days..

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Oh my god this is amazing!! ^^

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This is so awesome! :D

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Ahh I love this, so much detail! Love the dim lighting :)

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