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I adore this! I love how naturalistic it is, how it looks like an actual snapshot of a day in the Hogwarts courtyard, with all the students doing their own thing - even though the trio's there, they're not the main focus. Those two Hufflepuff students look like they're having so much fun!

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Crookshanks is not amused

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How did you get this picture of me?

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I love how playful the Hufflepuff boy and girl look in this scene. They are definitely having a good time. :D Cool to see outside characters along with the main three.

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Your art is making my day so much better; it is making me truly happy. Thank you!

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Thank you so much beautiful!small heart - teal

Bloody hell man

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I wish I was there! 
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The cat is like WAT IS HE DOIN? :O

I really admire your faithfulness to the books
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This is probably most energy-driven and cozy-looking and natural Harry Potter fanart ever :love: I think it's my favourite, like from all HP works I have seen.

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I really like how much is going on in this. It makes Hogwarts look alive. And I like the warm autumn lighting as well.
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Ah, makes one wish one was living the moment!
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Hermione looks so natural and comfortable~! Good job on facial expressions!
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so much going on, love the nervous cat lol!
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I gave fave just for Slytherin guy <3
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Probably Marcus Flint?
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Wonderful picture
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This is incredible!! I love how lifelike and realistic it feels, like I could just walk in to and have fun--I wish! 
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The lighting is incredible.
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Incredible in every way. Great expressions, colors, details, perspective. I'm truly impressed!
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