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Why We MUST Get $ OUT of Politics!

Wed Mar 20, 2013, 11:28 AM

Hello friends, the world has many problems to solve, poverty, war, and political corruption widespread. 
Here in the United States, we have a major issue with solving issues such as war and political corruption, and it's because special interest groups are permitted to funnel unlimited amounts of money into politics to basically bribe our politicians to act in their favor.

                                                                                                          What can we do about it?

SIGN the petition if you only got a few spare seconds on your schedule.  If you have more time, you can donate to the cause, spread the word, and most importantly... CALL your representatives. Cenk of The Young Turks has a good tutorial on this. Please click…  If you care about global warming, reducing the military budget to a realistic amount, staying out of destructive wars, or just in general want your representatives to do a better job of representing the United States, it is important we put strict limits on how much special interest groups are allowed to contribute to political campaigns. 

PLEASE join us at WolfPac

Wolfpac Petition:
To Volunteer:
To Donate:…

                                                                                                  How Money Corrupts our Politicians

Time and time again, congress has betrayed the interests of the American people's interests. The people want more action to combat global warming, we support ending tax breaks and subsidies to all oil and coal industries and want to extend tax breaks to renewable energies. Polls released show we want an increase in NASA's budget. And overwhelming majority of Americans have been in favor for faster withdrawals from Afghanistan, and to repeal "Citizens United" which allows for pretty much unlimited amount of special interest groups.

To fix the issue, we must keep special interest groups from buying our politicians.
The future of humanity depends on solving issues such was war poverty and our broken justice system.
Lets face the facts here, as long as our politicians are spending on average between 50-75% of their time begging and calling special interest groups to give them money, don't expect them to focus much on what the American people and the Earth people want.

They just want to get re-elected, and as shown before, whoever raises the most money typically wins.
Privatized prisons are a great example of our broken justice system. Some companies like the idea of making prisoners work for less than minimum wage so that they can make greater profit? Who benefits from this? Not tax payers, why? Because more people in prison will get more laborers so that these specific companies profit.

Tax breaks to oil companies still exist despite the fact most Americans are against that. Oil companies have a pretty long history of  lobbyists hovering around Washington pushing their agenda and funneling political money into our politicians.
Privatized Prisons spent 45 million dollars on lobbying.

Privatized Prion Lobbyists:

Opensecrets on oil
PBS also has an excellent article on this:…

In a world threatened by human contributed Climate Change, it is completely illogical for the long term survival of humanity to keep giving tax breaks to these oil companies when we should be pushing for Renewable and other forms of Alternative Energies. In a world in which we are suppose to be getting more humane, is it justified to allow for the profitation off prisoners which DOES NOT reduce the cost of prisons, but actually does the exact opposite.…?
TYT has a great well cited break down of how privatized prisons actually wastes tax payer money….

The system is broken, and the biggest thing we can do as an American is to fix this. Join WolfPac to get involved, if you are just too lazy to do much, least you can do is sign the petition

Journal Skin by Carlos-Way | Copyright 2014
What do you guys think?

Sunatta is a civilization of human colonists in the far future, millions of years into the future, the specific date I have not specified.

Year 2000 A.D Human civilization is a type 0.72 civilization.
Year 2050-2150 A.D Human civilization reaches that of a type 1.0 civilization.
Year 2300-3300 A.D Human civilization approaches of what we'd see in a type 2.0 civilization.

Chapter 0
Around this time, sometime between 2300-3300 A.D interstellar travel becomes a reality, and by this time, there arose many different concepts of space travel. Concepts which today we just barely understand. One such concept involves creation of a an army of Nanobots, on board the Nanobots there are the DNA of humans and instructions of self replications, and all the knowledge of human civilization in each nanobot Every Nanobot has a Quantum Computer with vast amounts of stored data.

Humanity needs some sort of insurance. There are many ways to do this. Deflecting deadly asteroids and comets is one. Colonizing and terraforming Mars, colonization of other solar system are other well known methods. Expansion with the use of Self-Replicating Nanobots released into the cosmos carrying human DNA will more than ensure the survival of the human race.

The use of Self-Replicating Nanobots which holds human DNA and civilization of all of the information of human society, from it's history, to science and engineering.
These nanobots are small enough that they could be picked up by Jupiter's magnetosphere, and thrown into outer space at extreme velocities, those which are a decent fraction of the speed of light. Billions and Billions are shot out into directions. Aimed at various parts of the cosmos, including distant galaxies.

Almost all of these Nanobots do not reach their destinations. Some get destroyed from mechanical failure upon closing in on their destination, failure to decelerate in time. Some crash into stars get incinerated in supernovas, swallowed by the super massive black holes within galaxies.
The overwhelming majority of those nanobots which fail to reach their destination however, the mistakes which nailed their coffins were made very early on, when they were using Jupiter's magnetosphere to accelerate to a destination, many miss and end up simply drifting in the inter-stellar or inter-galactic medium.

First Expansion

One cluster of nanobots, however, after millions and millions of years reaches it's destination. A galaxy tens of not hundreds millions of light years from ours. The galaxy itself is a spiral galaxy, quite similar to ours, but perhaps a bit larger, it holds 800-1000 billion stars VS ours which holds between 200-400 billion. As it closes in, the nanobot begins making adjustments to redirect it's direction towards the habitable zones of the Galaxy. The nanobot tracks down a trinary star system which composes of 2 Orange Dwarf K type Star, a Red Dwarf M Type Star. Upon closing in on the star system.

Their destination is a blue-white gas giant named Sunatta which orbits one of the Orange Dwarf Stars named Sunattan with three habitable moons orbiting around them, two of which deemed unfriendly for starting colonists due to extreme tides and unfriendly climates, but one of them "Serenei" appears to have a somewhat stable climate, the cluster of nanobots begins to decelerate. This group of nanobots consists of 6 bots, programmed to stay close to each other.  4 of which unfortunately had mechanical failure and failed to decelerate to a necessary speed and were burnt up upon entry in Serenei's atmosphere.

0000-0003 A.De. Era of the Second Beginning
Two manage to land safely within the deserts of Serenei. One of the nanobots, unfortunately has been so severely damaged it was unable to utilize resources for self replication. The job of human colonization rests on just one nanobot. The nanobot, which too has been damaged, with much of the scientific and engineering information has been destroyed. The nanobot begins it's first days replicating itself. There needs to be enough of these bots to construct a small city for humans.

Upon replicating a large enough number of these nanobots, they construct what will be the first human settlements on Sunatta. We humans are than grown within "life preservers" with intelligence downloaded into us. Our brains are given microchips to optimize our memory and learning capability to thousands of times that of natural levels. They were given an immune system made of nanobots capable of reversing aging to keep the body biologically in their 20s-30s, and the ability to destroy any pathogen.  Once roughly 1000 humans are created, the army of nanobots transfer the responsibility of development and control over to the humans.

Upon setting foot on Serenei, the humans find themselves on a desert and oceanic world. With further research they uncovered this moon apparently had over 95% of all life wiped out by a massive gamma ray burst. The next challenges revolve around reviving the moon using information uncovered from the extinct life forms.

Upon the nanobots landing on Serenei, they determine that year as the date of " 0 A.De." or After Descend. A year on Serenei is much shorter than that of Earth.

0003-0100 A.De. Era of the Development of the Foundation
This was a very rough time, considering that the surviving nanobot lost much of the scientific and engineer information, this new settlement was set back technologically a hundred Earth years or more years earlier than the human civilization of planet Earth when they launched these nanobots.
With humans in control of the nanobots, they were able to accelerate the growth of their civilization and ecological restoration.
Between this time, the human population grew from about 75,000 to about 500,000,000, although some where given birth through natural processes,  the overwhelming majority of them created within the "life preservers". To create so many humans seems insane by our standards, but in such an advanced civilization which more minds are encouraged to speed human development, in a society with technologies to maximize efficiency of resources, it is reasonable. Cities began populating the moon, deserts which before the Gamma Ray Burst were forests, were restored.
About 75-90% of all the species of life which were wiped out by the Gamma Ray Burst were restored.

0100-500 A.De. (Early) Era of Continuous Expansion, and the Life of Leisure
Between these periods and beyond, leisure time grew to occupy over 90% of most peoples' awake life. A life which has little stress became the new norm, citizens began looking for more prospects of human colonization of their moon system. Terraforming and para-terraforming schemes were mapped out for 9 of the 13 moons which were uninhabitable. This project named "Life Seed" the destiny of mass para-terraforming of all their moons within Sunatta would be one of the most controversial moves that this civilization would endured. The majority however decided that 8 of the 9 moons were to be terraformed. One would be left baron as National Park.

The project of para-terraforming all the moons took roughly 400 years or so, with most of the technology they used in the form of nano bots which were able to self replicate. Between this time, the human population exploded from 500,000,000 to about 9,500,000,000 before it begins to slow.

0500-750 A.De. (Mid) Era of Continuous Expansion,
Between these periods, prospects of para-terraform and terraform were pointed towards the other planets, the largest planet in the solar system has a mass of about 4-10 Jupiter Masses, followed by another about 1 Jupiter Mass and one Neptune sized one.
Because these planets are out of the traditional habitable zones, lack of solar radiation, and the Jovian worlds have deadly radiation belts, para-terraform would be a massive challenge.

Global Bubbles were created to have the ability to protect the moons from the deadly radiation belts, the ability to keep these moons heated like a green house effect, and to hold in the newly added atmosphere from erosion.
Because these moons have a surface gravity averaging between 1/10th and 1/4th the Earth's, in order to reach one bar of preasure, similar pressure of Earth's atmosphere, the atmosphere of these moons would respectively need to be 10x-4x as thick as the Earth's.

This additional atmospheric thickness adds significant advantage against the radiation belts of the jovians. Mass para-terraforming campaigns which dominate this Era were widespread around the Star System. 95% of all the moons were para-terraformed. Despite that there were far more moons to terraform, the amount of time it took to terraform these were substantially less than it took to terraform the 8 moons of Sunatta, and that is due to acceleration of the advancement of technology.
During this time, the population grew from 9,500,000,000 to about 11,000,000,000.

0750-1000 A.De. (Late) Era of Continuous Expansion.
Terraforming Campaigns reach the next two stars within their solar system, however, terraforming became more and more conservative. More and more worlds were declared "National Parks", such as the moon system of a Super Earth.
This is the latest stage of the Terraforming Campaign, and during this time, more worlds have been terraformed/para-terraformed than two previous eras combined.
The population of humans grew from 11,000,000,000 to about 13,250,000,000 before stabilizing.

1000 - (1500 A.De. Continued...) Era of Order and Harmony
It has been over 500 years since the last time the Sunattian population Terraformed or Para-Terraformed any world.
This is the era of relaxation, enjoying your work, the worlds you transformed. And maintaining what you currently have.
The population remains stable at about 13,500,000,000.

Other Information:
Death rates are typically very low, but even those who died, they can be resurrected in the "life preserver" just so long that the microchips which are part of the brain are able to store the consciousness.
System of governance is Cybernated Direct Democracy
Sunatta runs on a Resource Based Economy. Idea inspired by The Venus Project

Although the Nanobots created the humans known as the Sunattians with a Male/Female ratio of 10/10, and when humans procreate naturally, the ratio is 49/51, because of shape shifting technology and the use of programmable matter, many choose to change their bodies and gender, more males change their gender than females giving the ratio averaging 8/2 between 0-1000-1500 A.De.

Future Ideas:

Expansion 2 "The Revival of the Expansion Era"

Not sure when I will do work related in this era, but they will find many highly technologically advanced civilization, those millions of years ahead of them do not communicate with them, but one of them is thousands of years ahead of them technologically. That civilization has a population of over 10 trillion and a planet sized city like Corucent Star Wars.

Expansion 3 "Death March"

Not all civilizations within this Galaxy are at peace. hundreds of millions of years ago, a mechanical civilization Type III vows to destroy all terrestrial lifeforms within the galactic. This mechanical civilization evolves from creation of a terrestrial civilization, the terrestrials wanted greater minds to serve them, but they made a major error, instead of merging machine with their biological brains so they will always be the smartest, they gave their machines the mental capabilities and consciousness. These mechanical beings however did not view the terrestrials as allies, and destroyed their terrestrial creators. These mechanical beings are do not possess any consciousness, they merely replicate and expand and destroy worlds in the process, much like a virus.

At some point during the Sunattian terraform campaign, they will encounter some of these mechanical enemies. The mechanical beings known as "Stellar Plague" will begin destroying terraformed worlds.
Sunatta and her colonies joins the war but releasing a mechanical virus designed to disable these mechanical enemies.  
Because those machines have self replicating abilities, and the galaxy is so massive, giving them the ability to hide behind distant moons and planets, it is effectively a never ending Virus War which may last for billions of years.
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