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IMDB Film page concept PSD

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The Internet has become a necessary part of our lives. Now we can’t imagine ourselves without it. Of course we want
to live in beautiful, innovative and convenient rhings. And the Internet should not be an exception, it must comply with current reauirements. We can make the Internet better, I believe in it.

We can show the world community and the way decisions in terms of design and usability, and together we will change the usual apathy and make our lives better.

This PSD can help those who want to find out how I made this design.




- I’m sharing PSD for free. Be sure to share it through your blog and twitter. Be sure to specify a reference to the project, located on Behance [link]
I'll be glad if you hit "Appreciate" and leave a comment on Behance Page

- You can’t sell this PSD or get it with material possessions.

- Learn and teach others.


With love from Russia

© 2011 - 2021 vladimirkudinov
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Good work, cheers
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OMG , that is an amazing design , I can't believe you are giving it away for free,THANK YOU
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Very friendly and effetely interactive. Great work, dear! :)
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awesome Work
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awesome work! thank you!
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while browsing came across your interview, love it. one of the best and very practical interview have ever read. I bookmarked your interview for me as well as for my team members. I can very much relate my self with your words, great thanks for all your works.
love ur work and very thoughtful and creative idea for a clean IMDB concept website!! :)
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good work Vladimir
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amazing work !
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wao, superb design...
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I love it! Easier to navigate, modern and less clutter. I especially love the movie synopsis and: "...the future alchemy."
Did you mean - arch nemesis?
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A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! A unique concept, I hope to see it working soon...Some webs should follow this type of concept.
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Just out of curiosity. Anyone know how to recreate the image wall in CSS?
Use the masonry.js plugin to create the grid, its very easy.
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Add this to the sorting out (Desk, Information, Media) and you got a winner: [link]
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I would also like to know this
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I also just found this by chance. Looks like it's the best starting stone. Hope it helps!

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