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Kostroma . The silence river / 2012

Кострома. Речная тишь(rus). "Kostroma . The silence river" / 2012 / tinted paper /charcoal / sauce / acrylic
Kostroma (According to one version from "Koster" = 'bonfire') A East Slavic fertility Goddess, personification of spring, who dies at the end of spring, only to arise once more at the end of winter. She was represented as girl dressed in white with oak branch in the hand. Her thatched scarecrow is burnt in a bonfire on the holiday of "Parting of Spring". The rites of Semik were devoted to her. On June 29 the 'burial of Kostroma' was celebrated, accompanied by games and lamentations. During this festival a disguised girl or a straw figure portrayed Kostroma. First, a scarecrow was honored and revered. Then, participants of the rite mourned the death of Kostroma, and burned or tore the scarecrow. Rituals with Kostroma were aimed at improving soil fertility. About it… as well as in Russian in the middle of the article…
There is a theory that the name of this goddess gave the name of the Russian ancient city Kostroma..
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ariya-sacca's avatar
Everything, from the reflections in the water to the shading is incredible!
Alanthia's avatar
This is one of the most touching images I've seen online in the last few weeks.
Thank you
JoryRFerrell's avatar
Hi! You available for commission? How much would a pic like this cost? How much with color, and how long to complete?
Mr----Blue's avatar
I like the feeling  come  from  this  scene.
Larpa-art's avatar
It was really interesting to read this bit of information and to look at your wonderful art work.
Vladimir-Kireev's avatar
Thank you!!) I was glad to share with you a part of our Russian culture!
xYURENx's avatar
Сколько раз попадаю на эту картину, всё никак не налюбуюсь на неё :love: словами мой восторг не передать
Hangmoon's avatar
редко когда в графике удается передать атмосферу, у Вас это удалось, на мой взгляд. Отличная работа :)
Vladimir-Kireev's avatar
Большое Вам СПАСИБО! Я старался =)
TofuHui's avatar
I don't actually know much about Slavic history and culture, but along with other stuff, it's artwork like this that pique my interest :p
I really love this (along with the rest of your gallery!) – It has a rather nostalgic feel, and it sort of reminds me of Victorian English drawings in some ways.
Vladimir-Kireev's avatar
I'm glad that you so feel my work's! I really love painting and graphics of the Victorian epoch! therefore your words is the highest praise for me! =)
productno49's avatar
This is amazing, perfect. Love the serenity in this
Vladimir-Kireev's avatar
Thank you so much!!! I'm glad that you feel my painting!!!
Annezon's avatar
Would you consider offering this as a print???? I get the same feeling from this that I get when I look at "September Morn" of my favs!
Annezon's avatar
What a gorgeous piece of art! It has a melancholy quality to it...almost as if she's awaiting her upcoming death. Just love the whole "feel" of the piece. And I have to say that I was just shocked when I saw it was charcoal!!!:wow: I've never seen charcoals look so soft. Your detail is just unbelievable!!! Simply love it:love::heart::worship:
wetzelartist's avatar
Thanks for the wonderful image and the background. She sounds like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes.
Vladimir-Kireev's avatar
Thank you for understanding my picture and my soul.. It very pleasurably!
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