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2016; холст/масло; 50х60 см
2016; oil / canvas; 50x60 cm
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This is absolutely gorgeous! Is it possible to purchase a print?

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This is so stunning. Not sure if it's because of the psuedo-halo, but this gives a religious undertone. Just very beautiful and serene. I love artworks such as this. A fantastic palette, obvious painstaking work, and true passion. Fantastic job.

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This is so beautiful!!! Love it .
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Awesome! That's great!
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Your artwork is beautiful!
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beautiful <3

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very very nice . bravo

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This is very, very, good.
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Actually - I'm amazed by this amount of hair! Not only because it is an awesome lot to comb, but also because you painted it so well and "lifely", I feel like I could almost touch the strands of hair, they have a lot of volume.
Also, the anatomy is very well done in my eyes, I really like the colors and the face expression, and the whole image as a whole looks very realistic.
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Great. Bravo..
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OMG!! Speechless
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Боже, это одна из самых вдохновляющих картин, которые я когда-либо видела в жизни, она правда очень повлияла на мое видение мира!! Пожалуйста творите всегда!F2U | Narwhal Icon 
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 Спасибо Вам большое! 
 От сердца к сердцу!
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What a wonderful piece of work! I have not words! It's just perfect!!
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Gorgeous love it! Especially her face, hair and pose!!!
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This is an immediate favourite
immediate watch
immediate love forever <3 <3
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I love this! Is there a possibility to get this as a print?
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Now available for printing.
I'm sorry for the late reply.
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My God, why do you have to be so good!?
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This is gorgeous! All those little stray hairs, shining golden in the sun, the knuckles and tendons of the hand, and the leaves in the background, falling onto her hair and those leaf-shapes on her skirt! You are a magician!
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Wonderful, congrats!
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