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Goodbye DA ... You Will be Missed

By vladen13
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..... So here I present my last post on DA ... or to be more exact , on Our Long Standing Original DA format , before everything gets Eclipsed  :bleh:

I don't think I'm far off from expressing what a LOT of us DA denizens feel , in saying Goodbye to a set up we've know for years , and that the image of the Foreboding Eclipse Change , is what so many of us have echoed in countless protests , petitions , shows of unified disapproval ....

.... for blazes sake , we've been screaming from the DA Roof Tops  ever since this new format was announced , that  .....  :rage:  WE  DON'T WANT ECLIPSE !!!!!  :rage:

That's the maddening thing really .. We never did ! ... All we really wanted over time , was tweaks and fixes and improvements to be made on particular DA issues  Serviceman Fella ( Works ) by Ehsartem , But We Never asked for a complete face lift to where we don't even recognize the site so many of us call a second home  :ilovedevart: by zacthetoad    And the DA Gods , just kept trying to feed us Eclipse without hearing the masses yell out ..  NO!!! frustrated

And now we're near on the eve of DA destruction , by what's happening , and what's possibly about to happen ...  Emotes 9 by Marsy-88

May 20th , or around that date of late May ... will see all of us Eclipsed , and this time  " Without "  the switchback option to classic DA  :O  .. I know this is not news for most of us , but it's like a slap in the face ...

... no matter how you prepare for it or think about , a Lot of Members won't process that Eclipse Happening , with no turning back , till it actually happens .. that " It Just Got Real " moment Do not try and bend the spoon ...

And then we get a Art Station - Rip Off  new look , and the kayos that ensues in trying to adapt :nuu: :faint: 

We may see a number of members we know depart with a solemn ... "  F *** THIS ECLIPSE!! WINNER! 

And not surprising if we continue to see those opposed to Eclipse , continue to protest , till hopefully the Eclipse Gods ears start to bleed  Censored

.............. But there will be those of us , who , if not already having done so , will take that deep DA memory breath .... and press on ... like myself.   :epic: by NerdXV

A number of members here have finally declared their decision to remain with Eclipse upon us .... perhaps for the same reason as I do .....

......... because this ' is ' a second home to me , and the people here I share it with , are much the reason I've been here for over seven years :hug: :handshake: :nod:

But credit where it's due .... I appreciate the DA House as well , with all those friends , and adventures within  :highfive:  :spotlight-left: :bow: Banned!  and keep many found memories of my living here  :aww:

And in that last thought , is why I drew this artwork .... to say my Farewell to an ' Original ' DA house , in transition to an Unwanted Eclipse , that for the Owners Utterly Ignoring Us , makes for a tragic goodbye.

So as Vladen 13 and  :iconjokerismyname: 's  M J ... whom I'm sure feels much the same ....  see The DA Fella off to his Fate ....  The Title says it well .....

Goodbye DA ... You Will be Missed 

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You said all there can be said, I can't add more to be honest hehe!

It's a shame, but like said we press on, we adept and make this our new home.

In time, I am sure we will learn and adjust.. despite how clumsy it seems.

Together in unity; onwards.. our Eclipse and our first moon on a new site!

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Thanks :)

It might not be so bad , if they at least kept a lot of things that people enjoyed , even if the lay out is just an Artstation rip off ....

... I've noticed no Birthday updates , and no stash writer :shakefist: , and am still figuring out this Eclipse line up :confused:

But as you said .. onwards :nod:

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It is my first day of genuinely using 'eclipse'. It's frustrating, it's tedious and it's just sad...

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Welcome to the club ;) .. Your in fine company of Eclipse cursors :frustrated:

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I think what needs to happen is all the artists that are more then likely going to lose money due to the stupidity of eclipse and all members that had a core membership sue the people responsible for the "O so amazing eclipse update" for damages and one of the things that happens is they don't have a choice the classic version of DA is to come back immediately along with paying the damage to artists a lot of who depended on DA commissions for $$ to survive

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Frankly any reason to get back the original DA, works for me :eager:

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Ya people like the DA admins need to be made a example out of so BS like eclipse never happens again

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You are amazing :)

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Glad someone else said it for a change ;P XD

Really though buddy , thanks but it's our family that's amazing :handshake:

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trust me my friend, you have been a vital part for our comunity to grow as it did it is always an honor and a pleasure to work alongside you.

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I feel bad the old DA is on its final journey and we should give it a great send off and say “fair thy well” u will be miss and I understand some are gonna part from DA to parts known and unknown but as for me I plan on to stick it out but I will watch others on pages like furaff and pixiv. I just hope Vladen u not departing too?
vladen13's avatar
Not a chance bud ... :highfive:   It's not for format here , but for friends that I'm staying :nod:
DiDRulez's avatar

That's great :highfive:

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Nothing can describe better the situation -___-

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:) Thanks my friend
MasterLurker's avatar

You're very welcome :D

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I had to think about the song "Live and let die" by Paul McCartney. Really Sad

Hope ArtRise and ArtSpacious become our new homes.
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I can hear that :sing:

Time will tell :hmm:
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      Stamp - Say No to Eclipse by fmr0      Stamp - Stairway to Hell by fmr0   

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I think the only reason there forcing Eclipse is because its cheaper to maintain the site. 
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That's out of my realm of knowledge , in terms of tech costs :confused: , assuming most of the options from old DA are included in Eclipse :hmm:

One person suggested their doing it to appeal to younger artists , coming in to this Artstation copycat .... which , if true  , doesn't say much for the old guard here :paranoid:
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