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Object  Nightmare
Each of us is afraid of something. Fear appeared along with life itself and was inherited from our ancient ancestors. He is powerful and can completely subjugate any living being, devour the mind and destroy the body if he succumbs to his influence. 
Fear is an integral part of the fragile art of survival.
There are many manifestations of fear: fear of death, heights, blood, confined spaces, predators ...
If a person speaks or is sure that he is not afraid of anything, it means that his fear has hidden deep under his skin, has taken root in the very depths of his subconscious.
One of the deepest manifestations of fear is the subconscious fear of slow and painful decay. 
It happens that a person begins to slowly fade away, numb and decompose during his lifetime, submitting to the darkest and most self-destructive thoughts.
There is something irrational and latent in the veiled fear of our painful empty and regressive life, to become a numb statue, frozen in an endless state of contemplation of changes and flowering around, while the soul and body are plunged into a state of terrible catatonia, deafened by silent scream.
Each person has a lurking fear that slumbers deep inside and waits to strike a merciless blow. 
Fear kills hope, poisons sobriety of thinking, turns the heart to stone and leads to madness and hopelessness.
Therefore, you should never let fear prevail, so as not to become its eternal captive.

30x40 cm, ink on paper
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