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...a portrait

After not submittimg anyuthing for so long...bang bang bang! looks like I am posting everything I have been playing with in the last few months of "silence"...

Again...I am trying to let my brush strokes a lil more free...relaxed.
I feel like a "brush stroke nazi"!!! It has to go where I want it the way I want it...grrrr...I need to let it go wherever IT wants to!
...Harder than it seems! ;)
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which brushes did u use pls help mee

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Absolutely stunning! my favourite!! ♥
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My Favourite! Absolutely stunning!
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breath-taking o.o
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wow, you are very talented. Thank you!
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Excellent work!
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Wow this is just amazing. It is so soft looking and beautiful.
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Featured in my journal... :)
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this is amazing ! I like it all :love:
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Wow...this is just beautiful
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This piece of art is absolutely out of my mind. I can't even imagine that something like this can be painted digitally.

Awesome. Simply the Best.
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Your bloddy amazing, im totally floored.
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awesome - I have no clue on painting but most other things are that way too - do not fight the force - smiles
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Beautifull. Very much like Nina Williams, the gorgeous assasin from the Tekken games. Wonderful job here. A deff :+fav:
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sheer perfection!!!! +fav
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I can't say anything that haven't been sead before, so I won't. Great peace though:)
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I turned this around on my program and found that her eye was lop-sided. So you really did make this in the position without rotation at all! THAT'S FREAKING AMAZING!!!! Very profesional strokes and colour. The leaves give off much attraction in this picture. And the expressions are so bold. The tiny details in her hair and eyes are phenomenal.
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Very soft and almost muted, but at the same time it's so detailed so lifelike its scary. I don't know what else to Say about it. Beautiful tone. And her eyes. The leaves are a beautiful touch
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Wow...this is just beautiful. I love everything about it; it's gorgeous! :)
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OMG!!!that is so good....im lost for words..AWESOME!!!!!!
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