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I've been noticing, especially on Deviant Art, people downloading my renders and then uploading them to their own sites / Deviant Art. This is called REDISTRIBUTION, it is stealing content, claiming content as your own when it isn't and it is not allowed in my Terms of Use for obvious reasons.

If you like my renders and would like to share them with others, share my DeviantArt profile/website URL which is and

I don't understand why people do this but please stop. And actually credit the artwork that you have provided as renders, it annoys me to see "credit to respective owners" or a renders labelled a generic name like "anime cat girl".

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It's going to be a very busy weekend so I'm trying to make sure that I get all my coursework done before then!

I'm going to the London Expo on Saturday~ It will be third time going and I plan on buying loads of comics especially now that I have been inspired to create a comic book review/blog and some uni buddies are interesting and may contribute ^^ Last year, I bought Requiem Vampire Knight volume 1-4 and the new Ghost in the Shell manga that was released this year.

I would also like to proudly announce that I recently completed my Ghost in the Shell DVD collection xD I finished it with 2.0 which is a re-mastered version of the first film. I plan on getting the Witchblade boxset next :D

On Sunday/Monday, I'll be dressing up as Storm from X-Men/Lady Death (haven't decided yet). I love my wig and want to buy more! >.< What is everyone else dressing up as?
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I think that's the word? I'm looking for someone who does commissions :) On my 21st birthday (March 22nd), I want to get my first tattoo. I have about 7 piercings now and I guess the next level is having hundreds of needles injecting ink into your skin simultaneously for hours :P

I'm planning on getting a decorative, possibly steampunk inspired, keyhole design that will go on the back of my neck. It'll be in black and white and not TOO detailed because that will fade and look rubbish over years as a tattoo.

I probably should post this in the forum (do they still have that here?) but was wondering if anyone could recommend me some people? Maybe I don't have enough "watchers" to get the message out :/
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This happened to me when I moved into university campus and it turned out to be a thing that students decorate their room with posters. My first posters was a huge Lady Gaga poster from PureHMV :D I want to build a beautiful collection of posters and prints from dA to decorate my room which I will be moving in June.

This is a list of the prints I have bought so far (in order):
Spring by *yuchenghong - 16x24 Inch Print (Matte)…
Winter Goddess by =Kaze-Hime - 20x24 Inch Print (Matte)…
Vermillion feat. Sharon TK by *sideshowsito - 4x6 Inch Print (Matte)…
Pepper Freedom by `Artgerm - 12x18 Inch Print (Matte)…
Rosebunny by *celesse - 8x10 Inch Print (Matte)…

My next aimed purchase:
bubbles of color by `loish…

Once I move in, I'll take photos of my beautiful walls :D
I'd like some feedback on my tutorials and what you tutorials would you like to see from me or if you even want tutorials at all... I'm planning on re-writing my current 100 x 100 Avatar tutorials because I found a couple of steps are like "I decided to delete that bit and do this instead" which can be annoying if you're following.

I'll probably write a tutorial for my Sceptile banner and I'm making another one already featuring Hsien-ko from Darkstalkers. She is so hardcore, I also love all characters with claws like Vega from Street Fighter and Zhang He from Dynasty Warriors.

So... yeah, any feedback, criticism, advice, anything at all would be greatly appreciated :D
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I don't really bother making journal entries, mainly because I doubt anyone will read it and I don't really know what to say... My last journal entry was "College has started!", well now it's "College is almost ending!"

I finish around June but we have to get our coursework done sometimes in May to send off to Edexcel for marking and double checking. But somehow... I'm relaxed... I'm far ahead compared to a lot of people but I'm not gonna let that get to my head.

So... about my website! A lot of people, not just online, just everyday people, ask me "What happened to Vizune?" Haha! I wanna change! I do get bored easily which is probably why I can't stay in a relationship for more than two months... Hmmm....

So I've come up with Project: Nixi! Right now, it's like a little kitten that I enjoy teasing her with the feather duster whilst she wiggles on her back trying to catch it. (I want a kitten now) My mum was actually thinking of getting a new cat, she's thinking of a bengal since russian blues are expensive. My current cat, Harvey, beautiful fluffy cat, is such a miserable git. We want a playful cat, hopefully Harvey doesn't kill this one... We always joke (That's cruel!) that Harvey killed our last kitten called Charlie, saying she was following him, he crossed the road knowing she'd follow and got run over. But realistically, she was a playful cat with no collar and someone's taken her.

Enough about cats! I'm working on revamping the website right now (already?!) and here's a sneak peek on the design so far:

My mum bought a domain for me last week (The internet hates SOLO cards apparently... ) and it's (How do you come up with these stupid names...?) The idea behind the name was that a person is in a way...dizzy! Because they're stuck on how to do something or need help (and then Dizzu flies to the rescue with a red cape and shit!) Then Dizzu is there to help... It'll feature tutorials, transparent PNGs (not sure about this one...), stock images and I wanna learn to make textures, actions and vectors.

I can't think of anything else... Oh yeah! Deviant Art! I've actually been the most active I've ever been on Deviant Art, ever! I've joined two amazing groups....

:iconanimegraphics: and :icondivine-tutorials:

And, THEN that's it! :D
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I'm loving college right no, back into doing work and learn new and interesing things. I'm currently doing Maths in I.T, e-Commerce and Web Design this term which I'm happy about ^^ Maths is alright because we get to bring our notes while doing the test which is in the classroom, not some exam hall.

For my website, all I have left to do is the link button and the main website design (obviously I'll sbmit these for you to see) the code the design, woo!

I may not be ready by September 21st. I've also decided that I want to focus on website layouts on my website as that is my fotrte (I'm not the best at making them but that's what I'm more skilled compared to other graphics).

I have a slogan for my website, yay! ^^ Ir is - Vizune: The Cyberpunk Workshop. What do ya think? I'm sure people aren't even to read this but ah well xD

The logo I made a while back for the site isn't going to be used anymore, it's not really going to match the site's theme. So I'll most likely work on that once I've opened the site. I need to pratice more on Adobe Illustrator.

I've actually got 15 website layout ideas and it's all imagined in my head of what they look like and everything. I'm planning on opening the site with 5 and then draw the rest of the designs in case I forget and ready for designing.

I start college on the 18th! I'm actually excited and ready to kick butt! My goal is to get the highest grades than everyone else in my I.T course of BTEC. Went in on Monday to refresh my ID card, rental agreement, bla bla bla.

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I plan to finish my website, Vizune, on the 21st September. This is because I start my second year at college at that time and want to focus straight away without thinking about other things like my site. So far...I have three out of five designs done that I plan to make and then there's the main layout to do. For my main layout, I'm going to have the characters from Final Fantasy Agito XIII and it will be called Art of War. This image here:…

I'm a staff member at Moonbrush Designs, check out there site! It's still new but we're filling up the pages :P