Valdaran Valley Equestrian Estate

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RP story 

Zaphiare mini icon [scraps] + idea by Vizseryn

Valdaran Valley Equestrian Estate by Vizseryn

VVEE Flooded Dungeon map [scraps] by Vizseryn  VVEE 'indoor' Show Jumping arena by Vizseryn  Road to Valdaran Valley Equestrian Estate by Vizseryn  Indoor Dressage Arena by Vizseryn  Calico Ranch Dressage Arena by Vizseryn

There will be 3 sub stables across the fantasy world in which Valdaran exists

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Header 2 sfkgzdf

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 Gallery of Current VVEE Equines 


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So, I'm pretty sure VVEE is located in the USA, but where exactly, specifically time-zone-wise is VVEE located?
This may or may not have to do with the story/thing Qaz co-stars in, with Pat :eyes: