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GeneBot: Equine Genetics Generator


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:new: Explanation video!… :new:

:new: If you try to run it and it says 'A Java Exception has occurred'
install Java 8 and it will work! :new:

Hey everyone!

I am very excited to announce that my computer-programming brother has made a program that can easily generate any number of random genos from two given ones (from two parents)!

This is a JAVA script.

I've named it GeneBot :D

You will need to use the format below when you enter your horse's genotype (copy and paste into the prompt)
Brigandor-Smartblood horses will have this special genotype code on the imports so that will make it easy! I would suggest having the correct code from below on any horse you think you'll be using GeneBot with :)

This is the order of the genes: 
This order cannot be changed!
Note that (see at the bottom for further explanation if you're geeky like that): 
- Cr and prl occupy the same gene slot
- The Lp patterns are denoted as Lp1 or Lp2
- At and A+ need to come after 'a' if there is a recessive agouti copy, i.e. aAt (not Ata)
- If there is only one copy of a gene, mark the missing slot with an 'n' at the beginning, not a lowercase version of the gene, i.e. nG or nSty
- prlprl is the only recessive gene with more than one letter to represent it that will work in this program!

You cannot delete any unused gene slots! Replace them with 'nn'

How to use this: 
The genes that aren't present, replace with 'nn'
For the ones that are, use whatever the geno says.
For example, a sooty silver dapple tobiano splash bay dun with Ee/AA/nD/ZZ/nSty/nT/nSpl would be:

I just replaced the non-present genes with nn and changed the present ones to the correct form.

Copy and paste the two genes in turn, and then enter how many times you want the program to roll a geno, and then hit 'Go' and it'll give you that list! Sometimes it'll give you something like "aA" so you can change that back around to the normal 'Aa' :) Any sections that are just 'nn' are taken out already!

If you'd like a video to explain it, let me know :3

Please let me know if you enter something that breaks it, and comment with what you entered!

Any donations for my brother's work would be great!
You can donate points to me and I'll pay him :)

If you use this for your horse on its reference, please link back to this! Thank you! :dummy:

Further explanation on how the program runs for breeds with created genes who want to use this:
GeneBot checks everything between the slashes '/' to figure out the alleles you have entered.
This is the order that it checks:
1. 'n' first: if there is an 'n' as the very first character of the set, it reads that as one copy of whatever comes after it [nSty]
2. two characters: if there are only two characters total, it splits the two and reads each letter as one allele each [Ee]
3. capital letter: if there is a capital letter in the sequence, it will split it into two alleles, the second starting from the capital [prlCr]
                    this is why At and A+ must come after a recessive agouti if there is a recessive one present [aAt]
4. prl case: there is a case that the program checks for prlprl and will correctly separate that sequence even though there is no 'n' and no capitals and it it more than two letters in total length. This is why any other case of recessive genes represented by more than one letter for each allele will not work. You will have to use capitals and then change it back to lowercase at the end.

If you are creating your own gene sequence, remember that when you enter two genos into the program, in order for it to work like you want it to, the same gene must occupy the same location for both sets, and both sets have to the the same length.
If you want to add genes, you can do that - add them at the end, and remember what position they're in. The one I provided has 18 sets of genes, so if you add a Pck gene for example, the Pck gene is in the 19th position.
You can 'breed' any two sets of genes as long as you add enough '/nn's to the shorter one to make it the same length, and there are no genes that occupy the same position but are different, such as, if one set has the Pck in the 19th position but the other has a Dgn gene in that 19th position. Move one of them to the 20th position and fill in the space with 'nn'.

If you have a breed and you want to use this and the code for it, feel free to request this to your group's favorites, or to put it in a gallery folder! :D

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Woah! This is super fun to use! Thank your brother for making it -it's exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you for posting!