Economic Woes
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I'm sure by now everyone's heard how the economy sucks right now, not just in the US but world wide.  Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky who was laid off due to the store I worked at closing.  It's been a shitty past some months and I apologize for not posting anything in so long much less looking at the awesome art everyone's done.  Thing is I had to cut my budget severely and that included 'net access among other things.

No worries though, I'm employed anew (and am liking this better than the other place) and I can once again spend my money a bit frivolously (well for the most part).  I haven't drawn in awhile but the past few weeks I picked up on it again which reminded me that I haven't been here in forever.

Hope all is cool beans with everyone and expect to see more from me soon.

Also thanks for everyone for keeping an interest though I've been gone.  I need to catch up on stuff.

- Viv
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YOU'RE BACK! I thought you'd up and gone for good! I will re-watch you now. :hug: Welcome back!