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Up to You

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SeverusianaHobbyist Artist
wow, that is a real looks of hatred. I love both, both got my heart.
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snapeonfireHobbyist General Artist
It is that his incredible hatred and long lasting grudge what makes Snape this interesting as a character. And I love his personality and him. He was right after all.
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VenetianCloudHobbyist General Artist
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pythiadelphiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, his expression scares me! Which is a good thing. I think we fangirls sometimes forget just how frightening and damaged this guy really is.
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Amazing! I love the hatred in Sev's eyes. Wonderful work, as always :heart:
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ensomhet-svartskogHobbyist General Artist
Too good
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Wow, you can see the hatred Severus has for James (not that I blame Severus after all) here, very nice!
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Zireael07Hobbyist Writer
Love the style. Awesome!
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Brilliant, absolutely captivating :)
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Oh thank you.
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Ouch. I don't know if I'm the only one to feel that way, but to me James looks more disturbing and evil than SS here. :fear: Great facial expressions, I like how there's so many not-nice emotions in SS's eyes!
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SeverusianaHobbyist Artist
Both were jerks when they were teenagers but James mature with the time, Severus not , he chose the dark side.
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his eyes look so alive! :penguin:
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Thank you, I'm really glad you visited this piece!
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Oh, wow.
This is over Lily, isn't it.
The expressions are just perfect.
You are truly talented.
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Thank you.
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Someone recommended I look at your Sectumsempra picture and now after falling in love with *that* I have been looking through your gallery. I totally, passionately adore your Snape!! He is just perfect. Human, tormented, not too pretty and not too ugly... just *Snape*!

This picture is exquisite. You have so captured that relationship. Your art fits the 'worth a thousand words" definition entirely.

You are incredibly talented.

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oh, thank you very much for noticing that particular one. I'm not completely satisfied with Snape's face here but I am with his expression - that's even why I haven't changed it further (modifying the face I could change the expression).

The relationships between characters in the HP books are very often intense and complicated, that's what made me paint in the first place. James and Severus are really interesting, in my opinion. There is a traditional rivalry there, with more - this absolute impossibility for Severus to win from the start to the end. I wanted to show that incredible tension between them, when, even in blood, James would know that anyway the man who has his wand on his back cannot defeat him and knows it all too well. Even dead, James defies Severus again and again, letting him at his desperate fate, where he would get his salvation only in kneeling down and aknowledging how much the fight had been vain. Well, and even more about them... unfortunately, JKR has in her books very powerful literary figures finally, but it will never be enough exploited as the literary and academical level, I'm afraid. Well, at least on our personal level, we can write fanfictions and paint fanarts and try to speak about them!

Thank you very much for your very cheerful words, it made me very happy that you noticed the picture and commented like that, merci.
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Brilliant depiction of the deep animosity between them.

James looks bloated with overweening arrogance. And Severus' expression in particular shows the complexity of his feelings. He could deal a deathblow to James with his eyes alone.
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Thank you. I'm happier with Severus's expression than with his face itself - but I'm glad of what he expresses indeed. I imagined he was feeling how much he could just kill James right now, but cannot; and James knows he won't and that he's already won...Etc. I really love what we know and guess of their particular relationship from the books. :heart:
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:omg: I can sense the rage and hate just looking into his eyes! awesome!
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Thank you :)
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wow..I don't want to be in the middle of it...looks like curses are about to fly any moment...great piece, just great!
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