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The Portrait

For the Still Life Fest on Polyjuice Potion

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#P2ThePortrait2 by Vizen

(c) JKR
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Son54niy's avatar
I was afraid you forgot him, thanks God, I was wrong!
Thanks for gif. Now I know how the portraits move))))
Vizen's avatar
I don't forget him. I lost my faith not in him but in my art. May come back, of course.
Thank you for your message...
Son54niy's avatar
 I hope you find it.
 You awesome.
Veronika-Art's avatar
Love the portrait and the pose... keeping the headmaster alive! 
Vizen's avatar
I love the avatar Darling :heart: !
Art-By-Avalbane's avatar
Always in love with your pieces, Vizen.  :heart:  Beautiful work!  
Vizen's avatar
Thank you my Dear.
joeyv7's avatar
:laughing: Should go without saying the last 2 frames of the GIF are my faves. :D
Vizen's avatar
:) As usual, it's hard for me to select only one version.
It's been a while since you put up something new, and I'm glad to see this! 
Snape doesn't look too happy with this situation, does he? Or the visitor ...
Vizen's avatar
Actually they both are happy but of course they hide it.

I am not active enough, I agree.
Gryffgirl's avatar
Wow, I can only imagine what Harry just said to make Severus look at him with that expression! :giggle:  I envy you for finding an active HP fandom.  Things are not active here anymore and I cannot seem to find a place where people are still enthusiastic about the fandom. :(
Vizen's avatar
The loneliness here ...It's very discouraging... :(
noleme's avatar
Hah, I realized just a few days ago that I was misssing your Snape art, and look what we have here. :dance: I can almost hear a snarky comment coming from the portrait.
Vizen's avatar
:) There is one another coming up soon, if things go right. Something new!!!! Good that you are here, we are so lonely in the fandom now.
john-n-mary's avatar
Сколько бы я ни принесла сердец -- все равно будет мало! Heart Heart Heart
Они прекрасны оба и стоят друг друга. На статичном рисунке, без гифко-жеста и гифко-Брови, Снейп кажется мне не восхитительно ехидной занозой в заднице, а замершим, затаившимся, настороженно прислушивающимся, словно лесной зверь к хрусту сухих ветвей.

Как же здорово, что ты приняла участие, можно сказать, фест поддерживает репутацию -- в очередной раз вышел на международный уровень)
Vizen's avatar
I am not very glad with this piece. As always I enjoy playing the game with the expressions, but I feel like I am not making something new in my works.

But I was very glad to be in the fest, especially with the kindness and passion of the Russian HP fans. And here on dA the fandom is so dead, it is discouraging.
john-n-mary's avatar
///[...]I feel like I am not making something new in my works.

I fully understand you, 'coz i've been thinking the same about my own drawings for at least last year(( Despite not only concentrating on one hero (Snape) but changing different fandoms, subjects etc.

What helped me was trying a new technique -- watercolour. Unlike my usual pencils, it gives just one attempt, for that's almost impossible to erase wrong places. So i had to change something inside me, in my way of thinking and drawing, to use watercolour. Or rather it changed in me by itself while i was playing with my little watercolour attempts. Of course, i succeeded just a tiniest bit -- but these "acts of infidelity" turned pleasure of pencil drawing back to me and even gave it a touch of freshness.

Well, i don't give you an advise, just wanted to share some experience, maybe you'll find it useful)
Vizen's avatar
It can be a good idea. I should try to draw on paper. Or to draw something else than Snape. 

It's like my desire to be a writer: I think about it every day but I have no idea for a plot.

I need a good idea, that would make me move on. The last one was Snape, looks like... It is very frustrating. We'll see.

john-n-mary's avatar
Hope sth new will find you, i think these things -- meeting of an idea and a person most appropriate to vest it a flesh -- usually happen when they are less expected: you're walking, listening music, scrolling a random book... and here it comes!
Sempraseverus's avatar
i love that stare ... sigh
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