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The text comes from the poem Obsession by Charles Baudelaire : 

Comme tu me plairais, ô nuit! sans ces étoiles
Dont la lumière parle un langage connu!
Car je cherche le vide, et le noir, et le nu!

Mais les ténèbres sont elles-mêmes des toiles
Où vivent, jaillissant de mon œil par milliers, 
Des êtres disparus aux regards familiers.

With the English translation by Jack Collings Squire :

Ah! How I love thee, Night, when not a star *
Speaks with known tongue of light through the dark air;
For lo! I seek the void, the black, the bare;

Yet even darkest depths but curtains are
Where live, shot from my eye, innumerable
Lost forms and faces that I know too well.

* In French: Ah! How I would love you, Night, if there was no star, speaking of light…
** In French: Lost people with familiar eyes.

Done for the Russian Fandom battle.

Without the text : Obsession___ by Vizen

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Sublime my friend :heart:
greeneyes-17's avatar
+favlove Atmostpheric and beautiful but sad, too . This defines obsession indeed....
Chepseh's avatar
Watching Lily and James? Wow, masochism like a boss. :fear:
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Lovely painting style and the poem is just beautiful!  Thanks for including the French original! :star: :heart: :D
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Nicely done and bittersweet...
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joeyv7's avatar
Interesting how the forms in the pensieve seem more substantial than the viewer himself.  I like his downcast eyes locked on her as she seems to gaze, almost guiltily, back at him.  This is really a very lovely piece.  The brushes and shadows you are using here are very atmospheric (like The Accolade before this) and do a great job of harmonizing the entire image :thumbsup:
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Finally there is still a contrast between the pensieve and the rest and it could have been less visible. However. I rather like what is not ''smooth''...

Thank you.
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lol, indeed about the 'smooth', yes wink rasp 
thalle-my-honey's avatar
Wow, this is just so wonderful ♥
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Thank you!!!
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Very poignant.  :heart:
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Замечательная идея! Плюс еще Sympathetic Magic напомнило, там много же на эту тему.
Я тут начала учить французский, кстати! Пока еще слишком сложный текст для меня, у меня совсем elementary, но хотя бы могу разобрать уже, сопоставляя с переводом, какое место какому соответствует. )
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Félicitаtions! I am glad to hear it. But don't worry - Baudelaire is not for beginners ! :)
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Ohhh, this is absolutely stunning...! 
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I am glad that you like it, thank you!
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That's really beautiful and the poem's fitting, too.
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Beautiful job as always :)
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