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Drafting tired

Decided I won't draw Severus today. Didn't work.
You know, that's like drawing when you are too tired to care for anything... I should have drawn movie Snapes and be done with it years ago (people love the films). I should have moved on and gone to other sites and fandoms.
And I should have stopped drawing, since I don't do anything else with my tablet and spare time. 
Looks like I enjoy doing useless things - it is much more challenging. :)

Will go to my scraps. 
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Ah, I missed this snarky guy. Insta-fave! :D (Big Grin) 
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I love this one! 
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Киношный Снейп, если уж быть откровенными  - вообще не Снейп, а какой-то совсем другой человек...
А Ваш Снейп - настоящий! Любимый несмотря ни на что.
Ради Бога, не бросайте! Вы нам нужны! И не жалейте ни о чем, ведь сердцу не прикажешь! 
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Спасибо. Даже не знаю, что сказать:) Надеюсь, что буду ещё рисовать. 

О боги, вы русскоговорящая! А я тут сижу и думаю, как на английском родить, что зарегистрировалась здесь только ради ваших работ))

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Your Snape is the best Snape ever! Canon rules, kinon sucks. ;)
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Agree! Drawing Snape is always interesting, never useless! I adore the movie Snape, and still I've created images of him from other or no references and like various different depictions by other artists. Every single mind will have a unique image of him, just as every person is unique. That's what makes art (and life) interesting! :D
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Drawing Severus Snape is never useless.

Drawing Harry Potter -- that's useless!
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Vizen, хороший портрет! :) (Smile)  Вы же очень хорошо передаете внешность и характера Снейпа, а мне сложно дается такой персонаж в рисовке ! Удачи Вам в творчестве! И не бросайте, пожалуйста! 
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Спасибо, очень благодарю за эти слова. Просто очень устала от всего, не вижу как рисовать дальше, когда не знаю кому это интересно, или когда не довольна результатами. Старая история. Вечная история. Банальная история...
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Your Snape is my Snape. Many have tried to catch the essence of him. Only a few managed to grasp it. You are a gift for Snape fandom. Massive kudos!
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And you are adorable to support me. Thank you so much.
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I like your depiction far more than what I've seen elsewhere including the movies.  You catch subtelty and depth of emotion brilliantly.  
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Thank you for your words. They help me.  :)
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Your Snape is the only real Snape (no offence to movie fans). Without you we would never know how he really looks. This is definitely not useless! Challenging alright :) You know, we all here love your Snape!
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Hello you, I am glad to see you are still around. Thank you, you are adorable.
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Useless?? No it's not useless! We love your Snape! <3
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You are very kind :) 
A little bit depressed lately, I should not pay attention to my own mood.
I am glad to read that you like my Snapes - thank you.
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Well, everyone likes them!
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Reading HP8 right now.

Nice to be reminded of my favourite character though:)
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