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And my soul, Dumbledore?



' - And my soul, Dumbledore? Mine ?'

From JKR, etc...
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Amazing for the emotion it manages to convey. it basically captures the essence of why Snape is my favourite character alongside Dumbledore (who is another but for very different reasons), that while there are so many great characters who fight and die for the cause of good, none of them are quite asked to sacrifice their soul, not merely their life, as he is here, for the sake of the wizarding world (keeping the elder wand from voldemort unaware he might be of it, saving Malfoy, granting Dumbledore mercy...).

beyond "literal" sacrificing of soul by killing, I saw it more of a reflection of how after Dumbledore's death, there is no one among the living who knows his loyalties and he is alone and loathed, forced to stand by Voldemort's side, take his part in this repulsive new regime, watch atrocities like his former colleagues horribly murdered and eaten by giant snakes (i imagine that by witnessing things like that a soul dies bit by bit not in harry potter sense of shredding but simply metaphorically, as no one could be unaffected by that..) whilst continuing to secretly aid the heroes. And then he dies, as he was meant to the moment he fulfilled Dumbledore's death wish, keeping his silence from Voldemort still, with no one the wiser - at least until his memories are seen.

I honestly could not see him live beyond the battle - i think it is the greatest tragedy of his character that his life was over the moment Lily's was, the childhood friendship and his love for her being literally the only good thing in his life, and the rest of it was only consecrated to honouring her memory by defeating Voldemort and keeping Harry alive. And then he even (in his mind) had to give the latter up - i find it very interesting, as we are never shown his thought process on this by end, but it seems in the end that even he must have ultimately valued the wizarding world, the chance that Voldemort might be defeated, more than Lily's memory alone and chose to pass the message on to Harry. And yet it is also ironic/tragic that though his actions and death in part also helped to bring the future seen in epilogue nearly two decades later, it could be argued he would have had no more place in this world created by the Order of the Phoenix than in the one created by Voldemort's reign.

basically, there is something about doomed characters that really speaks to me :)