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'hoy, small fry!

Seeing that there is little, if anything, that's actually keeping me here anymore, I figure I oughta withdraw from deviantART for good and at least have that out there. I'm only ever on here to check in on a few folks and fave a few things, and I've long since felt that I kinda sorta... moved on from dA? I guess? ;v;

That and I'm a heck of a lot more active on Tumblr anyway (hit me up if you've got one! come one, come all!, so I might as well drop this notice off and give my farewells on here before packing it up.

womp womp melodramatics aside

Anyway, quick life update from me for those curious, since I haven't said a peep about it over the past couple of years on here:

I'm currently in my fourth year at university (more or less what wound up suckering my free time and completely changing up my schedule), and feeling extra pumped with graduation coming soon! Not that I'll be graduating in June right away as there are some summer courses I'll have to take (not to mention a bonus video production course that'll be offered during that period, as I've been having a ton of fun with those classes! probable career choice?), but knowing that I'll be nearing the end of my life as a student this year feels pretty damn good, not gonna lie! Hopefully, if everything works out, November will be when I am D-O-N-E! WOO!

Aside from that, I also started hitting the gym, and I gotta say, it's a pretty empowering experience! Cycling and weights seem to be the sort of exercises I resort to doing the most, but eh, they're fun! Definitely grew on me faster than I would've anticipated.

Content creation-wise... Well, like I said, university sorta puts a damper on that at the moment because priorities. Once that's over and done with though? Hell yeah! Back on YouTube and Soundcloud I go!

Aside from all of that, provided all's cool, I'm willing to share my Skype with those interested since I'm on there every other day – there are a number of friends on here I wouldn't mind getting in touch with again, seeing as it's been a while... 
And, bonus, if you've got a 3DS or Wii U and wouldn't mind going for some multiplayer matches on occasion, I'd be down if you're down whenever!

And that's all the info I've got to offer! I can't go fighting evil on an empty stomach, you know!</s>

And with that... I'm off!


Nov 2008 – Mar 2015


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Pianist guy whose heart burns with a fiery passion for video games, music, video game music, and that one squirrel dork!

I spend what little free time I've got on my hands diddling around and putting together video game arrangements on the piano, raging over terrible fan fiction, playing sweet nothings into your earholes, and chatting your ears off some more with video games!

Moved to Tumblr!


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Are you the same Vizard from TSS?
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Haha, yeah! Same Vizard :D I'm actually writing up a review for Chrono Adventure on TSS right now after playing through the whole thing last week; I wandered the web for a bit and ran into your artwork!
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