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, Welcome! :boing:
First off, I'd like to say thank you For coming to my page and taking the time to read this ever evolving intro.
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who am I?
InsertsWittyCommentI currently live with my fiance:heart:Serzine:heart: in our apartment with our two cats, and our pup.:fox: I love anime, Currently I'm trying to do more digital art..but I enjoy all types:la: Other than being a artist in training, I also consider myself to be a junior photographer and a minor writer ^^ I love video games and Anime.<attempting to try to go to the spring semester in college again.>

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I want to write a short story about a creature who has no identity and no face who follows those with extreme light, or extreme dark personalities. (teenagers between 13-19 years old) When said creature finds one that  is either the bullied, or is the bully lures and kidnaps said person for a total of 7 days. Fully taking their place by taking a drop of blood, or a lock of hair, or a fingernail. (this allows them to pass as said person for as long as the object is in route. They can feel what the others would be feel have all the memories but they are indifferent and will act a different way then said person) If the person is a bully they are tortured for 7 days. Each day worse or better than the last depending on how they are or what they've done. Those who are the opposite will have their hearts content.
The point of this is to redirect the youngsters attitude if they are bad- ex if they have been bullying someone said creature will act different then they would. They would make it right.  However in the opposite situation if the person was the bullied- like a abusive father... Well. They will become the bully.
This is to change the course of everyone around them- not just for their lifes but others. To make humanity better.  Ohkay no more spoilers now.
:bulletorange: Dev meet: New York :bulletorange:
Well as to my many many friends I have made on deviantart over the years , I have never met a single one in real life. However, this year will prove quite different! And oh gosh Im so excited Im steeaaaming.

My close friend, pikammd and I will be meeting up june 9-15! We will be spending six days together while my fiance Serzine goes to virgina to see her own friend too. SHESGONNAMEETMYCATSANDMYDOG heavy breathing Im soo excited! Well this status isn't here to gloat about my friend. I'll make a journal status about that. For now... Back to the main topic.

:bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletwhite: DEV MEETS:bulletwhite::bulletgreen::bulletorange:
have any of you, my fellow deviants ever had a dev meet :la: If so post in the comments below with your experience, thumbs of your times together and tab the deviant(s) you met up with!
Hunt for the Nomad backpack

As everyone already knows, the deviant store has been closed for some time now, but that will never stop my search!
so far I have found fella plushie (bought) the camera bag ( the intention to buy is high. Must save 85$ for this. Neeeed), the pro backpack(already have did you know they used brent havent to make their pro bag? I found the exact same bag without the logo) a cross body version of the pro backpack(I will save the 75 for this one) and the messenger bag that I used to have but gave to the salvation army years ago.

The only one I cannot find is the Pro Nomad backpack. Which is the one I really want. Contary it may seem I just collect them, but I actually use them. If you just so come across or sell one of these bags PLEASE COMMENT OR NOTE ME ya'll can sell it for 100$ I'll stilll buy it.
I really want the Kingdom hearts edition ps4 pro ( 1tb) system and matching controller. Time to save up 600. Isnt too bad for a limited edition ><; woah boy. Well if I put just 20 away, in eight months I can buy me the system >:3 (uhh..well I mean for us xD)

Anyway, how is everyone? I know I haven't been as active as I have been..

Hey guys guess what?
I managed to find the fella plushie from deviantarts store way back :la:(I want to tag said user but I dont know their name.) They arent active really butt when the fella arrives, I willl take pictures along with the pro backpack I have edited, and made bigger. (It can now hold a overnights worth of clothes and shoes as well as the usual laptop chargers, electronics pencils etx. Or like three or four fat college books. With your laptop Il explain in detail when the plush arrives so they get the pic together also I still have the laptop sleeve, all these items have the old deviantart logo and not the one you see today. :la:
I know this is a long shot but..
:bulletorange: Hey everyone!:bulletorange:
Thank you so much fir the 14.6 k views along with all the comments and favs! Your all amazing and aspire me to update more stuff and I will...


Ohkay maybe not soon but I will! Weather has been so much nicer  and I've been feeling better(more or less) so before work sometimes and on my days off I've been taking my dog(s) to the nature trails and hiking! My shifts have changes drastically at work ranging from 3-11(p) to 8-2(a) or 845-4(a) so I apologize I haven't been on as much!

THE HUNT for the DEVIANTART NOMAD BAG is still on! if you are looking to sell yours, or have it for sale..laying around whatever the case may be, please comment on this journal, or note me!
That is all thank you.


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