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ViXPta Ultimate Alfa V1.0,0001

By ViXPta
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My first Vista VisualStyle,only 4MB.It has one color scheme.
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what happened to the start button? and is the text always in italics at the top of the window?
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For the orb use ViOrb or Blaero
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no, i mean what happened to your start button? and is the text on top of windows always italic? :)
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And I anwsered.
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but you told me to use ViOrb or Blaero Start Orb (by the way, which is better?), but you didn't tell me which one you used...sorry... :)
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ViOrb...You can use skins...

I use ViOrb
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oh, so you used ViOrb, excpt with a skin which made it like that, and you prefer ViOrb to Blaero? ok. :)
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Legal seu VS vou baixar e instalar com aquela shell como vc disse
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Hey it looks better without one anyway. I'll give it a shot.
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another vista! :(
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how does the startmenu look like? i always combine versions of the vista startmenu before downloading ;)
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Windows Vista Ultimate.Download the ViStart 6 Beta.
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Thanks for all.
I didn't put any Start button,because some persons don't like the Start Buttons of VistaVisualStyles.
But,lot of persons use Blaero or ViOrb for replace this.
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cool! i like it make more like this (at least 10)
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I never thought I would say this, but I actually like the fact that there's no Start button in this Visual Style. I think Vista's start button is overrated, and XP's start button doesn't have enough flair to be interesting.
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Wheres the start button?
I was just gettin ready to ask that myself! LOL
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