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Various Hospital Rooms

By Vixeria
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Just a conglomeration of hospital rooms. Free to use, have fun!

Original locations:

If redistributed, please paste the above link in the description! Thank you! Enjoy!
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Can you find some School Grounds/Cityscapes in this style?
I'm looking but I haven't found anything.
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Have you tried checking our database of BG's yet? Link

There are a number of resources I posted there as well as link to resources I have used for a long time. X3 In the meantime, I will continue hopping around to see if I can help you out some. X3
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I've looked at a few resources, I can use the backgrounds I find as placeholders while I'm working on the game but not much else.
different styles for other characters is jarring enough in a VN (which I won't have due to using the same artist for all characters) different backgrounds are even more jaring. 
It wouldn't as much be making entirely new backgrounds (set aside a few exceptions) it would be re-drawing stock backgrounds in a spesific style.… is an example of what the character art will be looking like.
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I see, there are also links that are provided, too, have you checked those? The works that are posted to Visual-Novelty are all free-to-use (mostly for non-commercial purposes unless otherwise stated in their descriptions) and the links provided at the top of the page are always free-to-use as well with the same terms and conditions.

Are you trying to look for backgrounds that may be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes? If it's non-commercial, there shouldn't be too much of a problem, but finding backgrounds for commercial projects is a doozy.
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Does being sold on steam count as commercial? If there' no adds? (Ok I had to :P
That's half of my problem as it is, most 'resources' are for either free or non-commercial use.
I can use these as filler BG's while working on the game but beyond that it's too different from the sprite artstyle.
In fact I do think most VN BG's resource files are going to be hard to use unless they're redrawn and given some minor changes to match the artstyle.
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Anything that is sold for profit is commercial. So if you're selling on Steam, it's commercial. The only ways to get around that would be to either get someone to commission some backgrounds for you, ask around and see if there is anyone willing to allow their works to be used in commercial projects, or alter the images so much that it doesn't even look like the original.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but commercial projects are tough when your finance and amount of resources are low. >.<
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I think I will use the few that fit my story here, have them re-drawn (I'll see if I can negotiate a budget but I'm scraping for a deal on the character sprites as it is) with moderate changes (the art style difference and item placement will be different enough to count or at least it should) to them and see if I can get a deal on that.
It's not that I don't want to pay, more that I can't really afford to pay (don't get me started on CGs which I think there may be at least 2 for each girl) at least not 100% full price and out of pocket.
I'd really like to have all the artwork on hand when making the game but it doesn't seem like I'll be doing that.
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Believe me, I've been there. It's the whole reason I created Visual-Novelty. It helps those who are a bit short on the financial side. It helps with what it can, you know? And we try to provide as much materials as we can, when we can.

I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help to you - I know it's tough trying to get everything together. >.< But hey, if you advertise that you're looking for a freelance artist who can match a certain style, maybe you'll find someone willing to do the artwork for free. Visual-Novelty is always available for those who are wanting to advertise themselves. Maybe you could start there? 
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