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TyranoBuilder UI

By Vixeria
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I've begun working on my first TyranoBuilder UI! I'm still playing around with some script, and I don't have it completed just yet. I'm working out some bugs, but soon, I will have everything implemented into it! I just thought I'd share this preview of what it will look like. X3

So, I've begun adding each individual image. However... I may have underestimated the size of the defaults in TyranoBuilder. XD It's a good start, though! And it's getting somewhere. I'll have to remind myself later not to let my UI's be so small... I'm so use to working on a 640 x 400 px canvas, that I forget that it stretches sometimes. Oh well. Still looks pretty darn good.

I've figured out how to alter the screens! Yessirree! I have FINALLY figured it out. It still takes some trial and error on my part, but hey, at least now I can move things around with a little more ease. I will be making this interface available for free for everyone so you can check it out yourself, so no worries. Once I'm done, you can play with it, too. X3

That's all I have for now - I'll keep you guys posted. ^_~
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Waw is beautiful, how did you do it, and I also TyranoBuilder, but I can not figure out how to put the title and change its font for writing texts

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Wasnt easy! I have had lots of time and practice with TyrannoBuilder, but I'm afraid because of the lack of updates, I no longer use that program. It's so difficult using it, and the export function is something I'm not too fond of at the moment... X3 I ended up reverting back to novelty.
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Looks awesome :)
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Look good. X3 Way better than mine. >.<