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Nov_Backgrounds!: Dining Areas Pack

By Vixeria
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GIGANTIC dining places pack that I've collected after a while.....XD

Zip file contains 20 images. :3
© 2015 - 2020 Vixeria
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Can I use one of these in a not-for-profit dating sim/ visual novel?
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I mostly uploaded these to share and for others to use them as place-holders. I don't ever recommend anyone uploading anything with them, especially because of copyright issues these days, but if you know the risks and it's non-profit, then I don't see why not.
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I need a reply in short notice or i will have to go elsewhere. Game Jam.
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Actually, I think you should stop sharing those when you don't know the rules of those.
Some artists don't want their works to be re used even if it's not for commercial use. 
They can still sue you even if you didn't make profit off it if you haven't credited the owner.
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I was actually wondering when I'd get a comment like this...

I posted these so long ago. To be honest, I haven't uploaded anything like these in a very long time. I've learned how to create my own. I mostly shared them because I had a gigantic inventory, and I figured others could use them as placeholders, nothing more. They're just a bunch of backgrounds I picked up over the years, of which I, myself, no longer use, and have been inspired by them. I'm still learning, of course, and far from being a professional, but I have learned quite a bit.

So don't worry, I know very well about the troubles of lawsuits. I always tell any and all to use with caution. There's no harm in playing with them as long as it's not publicly distributed. I have not altered any of these works, I simply shared them from my middle school years.

Besides, being sued is honestly the least  of my problems. I've never claimed the work as mine - what are they gonna sue me for? Sharing? Take down my DA? I'm not too worried about it. As I've said before, they could hardly fault me for sharing them. I don't think I'd get sued for any of these, reported, sure, but not sued. (I've thought a lot of it through, and like I've said... I've learned quite a bit.)
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Oh, don't worry. I figured as much that you might not be doing this anymore.
However my statement wasn't only for you. Indeed, you didn't claim those
as yours. But for instance if someone thought it was free to use without crediting,
thinking it's alright to do whatever they want, well those could get in trouble
one day maybe. Or even if they're not in some kind of trouble, I believe they'll get
bad habbits, of taking everything for granted. 

If not for you, then my comment was for anyone who'd come across this, to let
them know that some artists want to be credited, or just don't want their works
to be re used regardless of the motives. 
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Very good point. Hopefully everyone has the common sense to actually read the comments and use with caution. There are so many out there who just don't bother to read - Not that I blame them, it's tedious to read everything these days. But it could save your life one day, you never know.
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So you don't know where they came from? And you're certain you can't use for commercial games?
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You COULD use them for commercial use, but you'd be risking copyright. I don't own them, I only collected them for my own practice and thought I would share them with everyone.

I tell everyone commercial-use only because it will save you from copyright. You can be sued for copyright if try making a profit off it.

So to play it safe, non-commercial use only, please. I will not be held responsible for any copyright claims.
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thank you so much T_T
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Do you have any source on who has drawn them? I'd like to use them for my VN, but without proper credit I won't feel comfortable. Also I have no way of knowing if these are even allowed to be used without credit to the artist.
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That is a very good question. All of the backgrounds that I have posted were listed as free to use, but no commercial works. I really wish I could tell you who made them, all I can say is that I've had them in my inventory for a very long time and I figured I would share them with everyone. I could try to track down some sources, but again, it's been years since I've last played with any of these particular backgrounds.

I do know that recently I had to take down a particular pack because I had found out that one of them were copyrighted and I had no clue. So, I suppose it's safe to say that you may play with them at your own risk, but do be careful.
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Can you use this in other programs besides visual novelty? For example Ren'Py? I have the same question about the bedroom and classroom packs as well.
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Yes, these are all compatible with whatever program you may be using. These backgrounds are all in a zip folder, but they are all in .png format. Most programs use png images, so you should be able to use them no matter what. ^_^
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These are super nice! What should I write for these for the end credit's page?
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Hmmm....that's a very good question.
I suppose you could say, "Uploaded to DA by Vixeria, artist unknown," or something among those lines. XD
I suppose, truly, it's up to you.^_^ I don't mind if I'm credited these or not, just uploaded them as a pack, after all. ^_~
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I have a crap ton of backgrounds to share with the group....just haven't gotten to it all yet. XP
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I like them, but I want to create my own. >.<
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I like creating my own, too, however, I never have the time! XP My brain is always too full of ideas, I never actually finish a single one of them. XD
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