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Minx - Visual Novelty

By Vixeria
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The zip folder contains every image possible in case someone couldn't come up with a way to implement the character into their novel.

The character (as far as I know) is free to use.  I separated the images and included the original images in the zip download. Named her Minx, but feel free to change the name as desired.

18 poses/facial expressions
2 different outfits
1 character
© 2014 - 2020 Vixeria
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Where can I find the zip folder?

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ahh just what i was lokkign for
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Well yes i agree with you. As long its not for commercial use i think it's alright. I happen to stumble upon the Visual novelty group because someone posted this group's link to Steam discussion of an Visual novel creator application called TyranoBuilder. The majority People over there are making visual novel for commercial. i just hope people don't get the wrong idea and mistakenly thought that this particular character is free :D.
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Lol! No worries, people have been sending me private messages, asking me personally if they could use the characters for commercial use. I had to turn them all down, but hey, it's to protect everybody from copyright. XD
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This character is definitely not free (unless you paid Koutaro to do it for you) Her name is Katakage Fuurin she is from Visual novel called Tropical Kiss, the artist responsible named Koutaro. Just putting this out there so no one got copyright strike.
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The original person who posted the sprites said that they were free to use for whatever. (The sprites anyways) should I hunt them down and let them know that?

I think we should be able to use these sprites as long as they're not used for commercial purposes. Also, to strictly say that we do not own them. XP In the download, I have a file in there that's been converted for Novelty (visual novel program) so it's why it's not really copy written. It's been altered in little ways, but I've also included all of it's original files as a just in case procedure to let others know it was altered.
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