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 I took another sip of the cheap champagne, letting it roll across my tongue. It wasn’t beer or whiskey, but this wasn’t my venue. My best friend and his girl were being married, had been married? It was all kind of a blur, boring as shit because who cared about commitment when any broad could be boned at any time. No commitment. No strings. No fuss, not muss. Most of the time I never saw the same girl again. Other than Teresa. What a fucking coincidence that she was suddenly the bride’s maid of honor. I was the best man and she had been glaring dagger at me the whole ceremony. Who cared. I’d used her and left her out to dry. Gotten off and that was the end game wasn’t it? Cum and go. Like I said, I had pick of any bitch in the flock. Get your rocks off and bounce. I was the top of my game.

“You never called me back,” a familiar voice slurred into my ear in what could have been an angry drunken stupor. I glanced over at the owner, a fairly well-endowed busty woman of tanned skin and pinned dark brown hair. A few curls had escaped. She’d been a good lay. Legs for day. Tight ass. Pair of tits that bounced eagerly with every hard thrust. Mmm. Getting hard just remembering it.

“Busy,” I replied with a smug little smirk. The fire in her hazel eyes was real. Damn she was hot. Maybe I could break my rule. The rule of never the same woman twice. She gave me a pointed look, eyes traveling down to focus on the not so subtle outline of my package in these tight form fitting pants. I know I looked good when I dressed up. I waggled any eyebrow playfully. “You wanna get out of here for a few minutes? Find a little closet--” She pressed up against me at that, smiling playing across her lips. She batted her eyelashes at me and giggled, grinding a little against me.

“Oh yeah. . . the Bride’s room is free right now,” She said, in that husky dropped tone of voice laced with promises of sex as she traced a finger down my chest. She tugged lightly on my tie before backing off and heading away. I knew how to play this game. I cast an eye around the room, making eye contact with Travis, my buddy the groom and he gave me a thumbs up and mouthed ‘go get em’ at me. I downed the rest of the cheap champagne, setting it aside, straightening my suit and heading off as if I was going to the restroom. I didn’t pass many people and made it to the Bride’s Room. I cast a discreet look around before twisting the knob and slipping inside. It was dark.

“Teresa?” I called out, fumbling along the wall looking for a light switch. It was so dark in here. I tripped over something and sprawled against the ground. I heard the click of a lock going in place. “What? What are you doing?” I demanded, fumbling to stand up. I heard a loud tsk of a tongue against teeth.

“What needs to be done,” Teresa’s voice sounded embodied around me, carrying and I twisted my head around trying to locate her. She sounded as if she came from around the entire room. My heart beat faster in my chest, but I forced myself to remain calm. What could she possible do to me? I felt something grabbed my jacket and yank hard, causing it to rip off of me.

“THE FUCK MAN? That shit was a RENTAL!” I shouted, not even caring if anyone heard me. The same treatment happened to my shirt, buttons popping and spilling everywhere. I swung out wildly trying to make contact with something, anything. I stumbled again as something sliced through my pants and they dropped around me leaving me in the nude. I’d chosen today to go commando, hoping to have picked up a little action at this event. I noticed it was chilly and immediately cupped my dick in my hands to protect it from whatever was happening here. Teresa laughed loudly but I couldn’t see her. It was if all sources of light had been removed from the room.

“Aw, baby, You don’t have to hide that. I’ve seen it in all its former glory,” she mocked with a bitter laugh. “I’m just here to even up the playing field. You think you can just use and abuse us girls, like trash? Without ever giving back to us. To please us? I think it’s time that changed.” She laughed and I whirled around, trying to find her. What was she even talking about? “Think of this as an improvement,” She murmured and I felt lips press against my ear in a light kiss as a finger dragged down my bare back. An odd tingle echoed through my body, like tiny feathers were dancing over every inch of exposed skin. I whirled around, lashing out and my fist passed through air. “Good luck.” Her voice echoed around the room before her presence seemed to just vanish. I sighed in relief, at least that was gone. I pressed my hand against my dick to seek the small comfort that she hadn’t done anything with it. Only to panic when I could no longer feel it. The skin was smooth and I pressed further down with my fingers, becoming aware of what now felt like a woman’s mound. Soft lips that parted to reveal wet warmth. I jerked my fingers away, a little frightened and grabbed my chest. A supple bosom that fit in my hands, much like Teresa’s. What had she done to me? I brought a slightly shaking hand up to my head, feeling my nice buzzed cut had become something else. Something longer and less manageable as it hung around me and down my back.

I was in the Bride’s Room and I was a naked female. This was not right. My heart pounded harder as I felt around, trying to find the remainders of my clothes. I couldn't locate anything just a lounge chair. Suddenly the door opened quickly and closed just as quickly. I knew it was a man. One of the other groomsmen by the cologne that wafted into the air. He cleared his throat and I backed away, landing hard on the lounge chair.

“Ah, there you are,” He said quickly with a light chuckle as he crossed the room to me. I couldn’t see who it was or determine by the voice. I hadn’t paid enough attention. I tried to speak and found myself unable. I heard the sound of a zipper and a light grunt as he pulled his dick free of it’s confines. “Okay, Let’s make this quick.”
What happens when you piss off the wrong woman? She dishes out a little revenge.

Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:
Part Five:
Part Six:
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