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The Da Vinci Jokes: Reward from Above

Not so many people know, but Leonardo da Vinci invented some jokes.

Inspiring myself to what JadeHernandez (how do you tag here?) did with Minstrel Ezio's songs, I've tried making a comic out of one of the jokes. I've translated and adapted the original one from Renaissance Italian to make you read what gave me the idea.

The Saturday before Easter, a priest was spilling holy water in the houses of his district. He happened to find himself in a painter's house, and as he had spilled the water on the paintings, the painter turned at him, filled with indignation, and asked him why had the priest ruined his work.
Then, the priest answered it was his custom and debt, that he was doing good, and people who do good should expect good and better, as God promised so, and every good deed on Earth would have been awarded a hundred times above.
So the painter waited for the priest to get out, went to the upper floor, and from a window he showered a bucketful of water on the priest's head, saying "This is your deed a hundred times from above!"

It's not the integral translation, some words or sentences are missing, but the meaning is this.
As you can see, I've added Ezio in the comic!

The joke belonged to Leonardo.
Assassin's Creed belongs to Ubisoft.
I just took the toys out of the box and had my fun!

Episode 2 here! [link]
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LMAO!!!! hahahahahahahaaaaaa He really did that?? I mean Leo...that's genius! and adding Ezio was a nice touch, I could really see him doing this XD
awesome :)
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And that's only episode 1! Episodes 2 and 3 are also better drawn.
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haha...that!s pretty cool and funny XD
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Just wait until I make the others!
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i ma looking forward like for idon!tknowwhat!!! [link]
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imn nominus filiis blah blah xDD era questo ? xD che bella l'idea .3
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XD omg that's great!
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I love It Priceless! :icondat-hatplz:
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Well, it's Leo we're talking about! =) And Ezio, too, at least in my comic.

In the end, I've finally drawn him!
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