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Rose Tutorial

Eurgh. Traced off a picture on photoshop, though I can't find the picture... Eurgh.

At any rate. My friend needed up drawing a rose and he was just like SPAZSPAZblobshitSPAZ yeah... So I kinda did this really fast and I thought it was pretty so....
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Thanks for the tutorial! definitely going into consideration when I pixel some more <3
EDGraphics's avatar
This is nice! You should sould do more rose tutorials. :)
SweetChiel's avatar
thank you so much for the tutorial :D I really needed one :happybounce:
Carbalium's avatar
Nice tutorial :la:
SakuraYuki218's avatar
I can't wait to try this.
maekenellie's avatar
Thank you, this was really useful!
Pugzlee08's avatar
brittneylol's avatar
lol SPAZSPAZblobshitSPAZ and thz for this it really helped ^o^
Fonz2's avatar
This is rather useful. Thank you for posting it! :D
☆☆☆☆☆ Greatttttttt ☆☆☆☆☆
MoonLotus1234's avatar
wow! this is really going to help me thanks for making this tutorial!!
Dead0Bunny's avatar
this was very helpful,thanks!^^
kitkatastrophe's avatar
Oooh, I shalll def give this a go :)
eternalsailorearth's avatar
Thank you so much. I draw roses a lot so I will memorize this XD
MoriCo's avatar
Even if it was traced ...
this helped me a hell of a lot! :D
:glomp: Thanks for posting this!
dollicandy's avatar
very useful stuff you got here. thanks :)
sermim's avatar
wow, this is very helpful... thankyou very much!! :D
M3lanch0ly's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial, makes everything far easier.
jilanylily's avatar
This is uber helpful! Thanks so much for making it!!!!
FallenAngel1226's avatar
oh sure make it look easy xD...i'm kidding it doesnt look to hard
Ringtailed-Alchemist's avatar
That's really damn helpfull.I was getting so tired of how I drew my roses XD Thanks a bunch:heart::rose:
thesuperbia's avatar
Really useful, thanks~.
IrA-SweeT-DeviL's avatar
thanks a lot :) really helpful tutorial :)
wavenwater's avatar
Really really nice to have a tut like this!!!

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