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[Pose Study] 01 - Pole Dancing

A bigger size can be bought for 50:points:, size 5000x1000 pixels.

Please note I'm no anatomy expert! The bodies are drawn in my style. I draw to improve my anatomy skills, after all!

You can use these sketches! The downloadable bigger size can basically be used as a base.
When you use them, please show me your work! Link to it on this deviation page, please! I also love credits~ 

If you like these pose sets, please click this link: and watch my other art. :la:

More poses: Poses 02 - Pole Dancing - Vixenkiba by Vixenkiba and Poses 03 - Normal Poses - Vixenkiba by Vixenkiba <-- Clicky

Poses © Vixenkiba, you are allowed to use these as references <3 If using as a base, only use them for your personal work, not for commissions.</h3>
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© 2015 - 2022 Vixenkiba
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I will use this for my drawing☺️☺️☺️But is that ok if I will post it on my twitter? Not on Deviant? Because my deviant account was made for kids, my young audiences are followed me, they are from my youtube channel...Don't worry I will credit you on my twitter post then I will send you the link of my art I have done😁 I will wait for your response..

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Yes of course! That's totally fine =) As long as you don't post my pose sketch haha!

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Looking amazing!! Love the magenta and cyan lights :D

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Oh man, this is so helpful for drawing acrobats during my DnD session! Thank you!

Vixenkiba's avatar

Glad it's useful! :D

I wish I had money and points. :'(

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You can use the poses without buying the set, you just get a bigger version if you buy it is all!

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Bought the larger image <3

I'll try to make my character with those reference

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Enjoy, would love to see! <3

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Can I reference off of this for a male character?
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I used your base and i am really really happy for them. Thank you very much.

Not 200% happy with this one but...
Sairin by Narjana
That's what i did so far with it
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You're much welcome! And I love what you did with the pose :love:
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Thank you very very much 
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Buttercup by MissCandyCrazed  I used this as a ref. Her name is Buttercup!
Vixenkiba's avatar
Looking awesome MissCandy! :D
Vixenkiba's avatar
You're much welcome, I'm glad they're of use!
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I used this as a reference for this piece: Helen in Da Club

I hope you don't mind. ^^;
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Glad the poses were useful! :D And thanks for showing me!
nerdsman567's avatar
You're welcome! :aww:

Thank YOU for the pose references! They were very helpful! ^^
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Used as a reference for this <33
Be more chill | Commission by sinnocturnal
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