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Face Rotation Meme

I made a challenge for myself which I'll try to complete on a few characters after I've finished my commissions <3

This raster consists of 5 x 9 = 45 face positions. You can download a bigger size image by clicking "download"! Choose a character, and start drawing a face in one of the positions every day, or make multiple a day <3 If you manage to complete at least one a day, you'll be done in 1,5 month! :D

It's a great practice to learn how to draw the face of your character, especially if it's complicated with, e.g. horns :heart:

I challenge you! Do you accept? ;D

!!! Extra Challenge !!!
Draw every face with a different expression!

I'm also doing the challenge, here:
Face Rotation - Gideon - 3/45 complete! by vixenkiba


Other amazing face references can be found here:

headshots by ErrantCrow Angles of the Head by kurisutin 
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love how everyone just doesn't like the center face,

Vixenkiba's avatar

Yes, centre face needs some love too!

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I can see this being very helpful! I still struggle with some of the different upwards angles. Thanks a bunch!

art6yPain's avatar

The last row is like "oh what's that on the floor" :D

Aaand challenge accepted! Thank you very much for sharing this with us :)

Vixenkiba's avatar

You're welcome haha, and good luck!! xD

SarahSpyborg259's avatar
Oh, this is gonna be helpful with drawing heads, thank you! :D
Vixenkiba's avatar

Happy to hear it's useful! :D

DougTheMilkMan's avatar

Suppose it would be good to have a library built for reference but... damn...

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Challenge accepted. I wont be posting it but I need to train and develop my style if I want to ever do a good comic.
Vixenkiba's avatar
Haha yeah, that's why I posted it online! I found it a great help for getting to know my comic characters' faces from each possible angle =) Good luck!
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Challenge accepted 
Vixenkiba's avatar
Can't wait to see! :D
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Thanks <з <з <з
Vixenkiba's avatar
Much welcome! <3
RabidWuff's avatar
This is really amazing! OAO
Go for it!! On to the road of challenges!! >3<
Vixenkiba's avatar
Will you join me, Delta? xDD Ack, but your to-do list is already so full!
RabidWuff's avatar
Yeah! Haha I've got a whole lot of things to do... @___@ Will make a list of things and post it up here so I won't forget them >3< But this challenge is worth it! Can't say no to that XD
RabidWuff's avatar
This is really amazing! OAO
Go for it!! On to the road of challenges!! >3<
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oh my god my work has been turned into a meme.  This is awesome. 
Vixenkiba's avatar
I saw your work, and I thought; This is super handy and practical and I think many people should try this on their own! Turns out to be very handy if you want to learn how to draw your character in difficult angles :D So thanks for the inspiration <3
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