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[F2U] Egg Base Template - Editable

I was in need of an egg base and couldn't find one that I liked on DeviantArt, so I made my own and decided to put it here free to use! 

This egg base has sketchier lineart than the others I found. The .psd file  is completely editable; you can change the lineart colour, base colour, shading and light effects hue (or remove them). Put the shading and lighting layers on multiply in Photoshop to make the shading merge nicely with the colours you give your egg!

For anyone who needs it, here is a transparent .png version of only the lineart:
Egg Base by Vixenkiba by Vixenkiba

:bulletblack: Usable in Photoshop, Painttool SAI, and FireAlpaca. I don't know about the other programs!
:bulletorange: Feel free to use this egg for whatever purposes! You can make your own adopts, or just use it in artwork, I don't mind :D

:bulletblack: There's no need to ask to use this base, but of course if you want to show me what you did with this, feel free to link your creations in the comments!
:bulletorange: Of course you're allowed to change/edit anything in this file ;D 
:bulletblack: Please just don't re-upload this base, or a modification of it.
:bulletorange: I would be grateful if you gave me credit <3 And by linking to this base, other people can use it too!

That's it :D ~Vixenkiba

Birb dance 
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Used! Thank you for sharing your base <3

[Event] Kitsu's eggs
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They look awesome, they’re so varied! <3

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I'm using these, Thank You so much for the base~

OPEN Bunny Eggs Adopts Points/PayPal 6/6
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You’re welcome! The eggs you made look so fun <3

Using foe WoF egg adoptables!!

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Used thanks for the base :)

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Using. Thanks for an amazing base.

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Ima use this for a closed species of mine! No one Can actually have any oc with the species Cuz I’m lazy for the ref sheet ima just do it now cri

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used for my closed species 
Kitsuruna Egg Adopts (open 12/12) by Stripes-owo
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Whoa, that looks epic!! :love:
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Using this! Thank you so much! 
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You're welcome, glad it's useful!
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