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[Art Nouveau] Antoinette Lammers


Vixenkiba Art Nouveau

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(Please full-view, because for some reason the smaller view looks completely horrible, haha)

It is done. I honestly consider this my best artwork in my entire portfolio, and I'm incredibly proud of it.

My mother is a concert pianiste, and her birthday is coming up next week, so I decided to finally draw this, since I finally felt confident enough. My mother also loves everything to do with art, and art nouveau in special, which is how I got the inspiration. That, and I got a LOT of inspiration from VikJones who has drawn several amazing art nouveau commissions of my TerrApocalypse characters. I finally created my own :love:

Almost everything in this artwork is hand drawn, except for the sheet music behind the dogs and in the bottom. I drew the piano keys and the background piano using the pen tool in Photoshop (without it I couldn't have done it), including every. single. string. You may count the strings if you like, there's the exact amount there that a grand piano has! All instruments were drawn with the help of photos, and the text in the bottom was created with the help of several artworks by Alphonse Mucha. I must admit that the lower part of the dress was drawn directly from one of Alphonse Mucha's artworks; "Music" (appropriate huh?), and I heavily referenced the pose of "Music" as well! The corners of the artwork contain my (and my mother's) dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniël and a bastard-Kooiker. Oh yeah, and the reason for the violin and flute is that my mother is super skilled on those instruments as well!

The sheet music in the background is from Automne from the amazing componist Chaminade. While drawing, I often listened to this beautiful work as played by my mother on her CD. Sadly my mother's version cannot be found on the internet, but here is a version I found on YouTube

A special thanks goes to queenofeagles, keokotheshadowfang, DaffyDaydreamer, Lady-Abbington, and Eleynah who were there for most of the time during my streams to give me A LOT of advice on composition, colouring, extra details, and I don't know what, omg guys, without you I couldn't have done it! Streams are so motivating to me <3

I sincerely hope my mother will like it! (I bet she will!)


EDIT: I had no idea about DA's print sizes... I now put a border around it so I can actually print it and send it to my mother!

Time taken: 30 hours
Number of layers: 76 (normally I only use 5, holy smokes)
Music listened while drawing:
:bulletorange: Automne - Chaminade :bulletblack: Antoinette Lammers - Stilleven (CD) :bulletorange:

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Artwork © Vixenkiba, please do not use or reproduce without my permission.
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Love art nouveau style!
Vixenkiba's avatar
It's one of my favourite art styles :D
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Coming from Glasgow, Art Nouveau is in my soul. You have captured it's spirit with sublime skill. I can understand why you consider this your best. You have every right to be proud. Every detail belongs, the composition is like a sonnet and that dress is just exquisite. The contemporary features of Antoinette's beautiful face, set within the iconography of a former era of elegance, make for a work of art that combines a love of its subject and a reverence for the genre that carries the faintest hint of iconoclasm. If I had my way, it would be a stained glass window in a city cathedral.
Vixenkiba's avatar
Whoa, this is the nicest compliment I've ever received on this! Thank you so much! My mother will be happy to hear as well that her face is beautiful! 

I've been in Glasgow only once, and absolutely loved seeing all the art nouveau inspirations. You're lucky to come from such an amazing city. 
upyrica's avatar
I adore it, very, very well done.
Vixenkiba's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
AviGebal's avatar
Perfect blend of color, composition, subject, and back story. I love this.
Red Rose 
Vixenkiba's avatar
Thank you so much! :love:
Night-Angelz's avatar
I absolutely love this :heart: 
It put a great big smile on my face xD
It's a pleasant style!
Vixenkiba's avatar
Thanks, that made me happy to read xD I'm doing more of other family members and friends in this style 8D
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Wow Amazing job!
This piece much like the music it pays homage to is beautifully composed!
The long flowing dress looks great and the dog's are such cute little characters, what a wonderful gift of respect and adoration for your mother! 
Vixenkiba's avatar
Thanks a lot Willis! I can tell you my mother absolutely loves it, so I completed my mission :love: Glad to hear you like it so much!
Lotus105's avatar
I was browsing your gallery and this one got my attention. I love it. Reading the story behind it made me love it even more. I think any art work which includes music when done through the heart and soul has so much meaning and it shows through and draws deeper  attention to everyone.
I bet it may even bring a tear to your mothers eye ..such a lovely gift. You have great talent.
Thank you for sharing.
Vixenkiba's avatar
Aaahw, gosh, thanks for this amazing comment. This really makes my day! I'm happy that people read the story behind this artwork as well :love: 

And yes, she absolutely loved it!! Thanks a lot!
Lotus105's avatar
Not surprised your mother loved it.
You are welcome.Wink/Razz 
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Beautiful work!
Vixenkiba's avatar
Thanks a lot Justis!
Vixenkiba's avatar
Thank you Arrog!
Katzova's avatar
awesome work, I like her dress
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