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I'm on a FanArt roll! Please vote what you would like to see most <3 (Trying to get inspiration!) 

23 deviants said More Steven Universe! (Stevonnie is next on the list!)
16 deviants said Anime (please suggest which series)
9 deviants said Star vs the Forces of Evil
8 deviants said Gravity Falls (please suggest a character)
6 deviants said Anything else? (Please comment :D )
4 deviants said [SU] Rockstar Steg Universe - Steven / Greg Fusion by Vixenkiba [SU] Show of the Stars - Lars and Sadie by Vixenkiba [SU] The Show : Pearl and Mystery Girl by Vixenkiba
3 deviants said Disney (please suggest which movie)
1 deviant said The Owl House


I remember it can be quite tough to gain recognition on DeviantArt when you first start out. It's a massive website with so many features and ways to interact! When I started out, I was lucky to have a friend of mine giving me a little shoutout in their journal, which gained me my first couple of watchers. I'll do the same in this journal for some new Deviants I found that have really cool galleries, and I thought of giving a couple of tips as well on gaining recognition:

~  TIPS  ~

  • Loads of interaction! DeviantArt is considered a social media website as well as an art site, and offers many more tools for interaction, feedback, and commenting than Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr ever will! Use it wisely :D If you want to receive comments, and have people view your art, you have to put some effort in yourself as well. Comment on other people's artwork, +fav it, +watch those you really like, keep communicating. Try interacting with other new artists and grow together!

  • Make good use of the "artist's comment". With that I mean the text you can add underneath your artworks. You can add icons, links, thumbnails to other deviations, you can add anything that makes it easier for people viewing your artwork to find other, relevant artworks! 
    For example, in my artwork description I add links to my other social media accounts, as well as include thumbnails of other artworks of mine: [SU] Show of the Stars - Lars and Sadie
    And another example, if you're writing a story, it's handy to provide links to your gallery folders where people can easily find more art and chapters of that story: killing graphite pencils - Orion
    Or add "next page" links when you're uploading comic pages! MtRC - Chapter01 PG01

    You can insert a link by typing < a href="Here goes your URL address">Here goes the text you want to appear</ a> (remove the spaces before the two A's) in your artist comment.
    For example, when I type < a href="">My Profile Page</ a> (but remove the spaces before the A's) I'll get: My Profile Page

  • Use your profile page well! When you go to "edit page" in the upper right corner of your profile page, you can add and remove whichever widgets you like. Since you probably want to show off your art, make sure that your art is the first thing people see when they go to your page! You can even install widgets that show only a specific group within your gallery. For example, I have one of my widgets set on my "resources" gallery folder, as it contains resources that might be handy for you guys to use :D

    Here's some examples of profile pages that I find looking really good:
    These profile pages look organised, and in one glance show you the art style of the artist, as well as links to their other social media accounts, F.A.Q.s, commission pages, etc. 

  • Make use of Groups! In the top, underneath "more", you can click on Groups. Here, you'll find literally thousands of groups that all specify in different things. Join a couple of big (and smaller specialised) groups, and submit your art to all of them; it will definitely give you far more exposure! 

  • Join specific feedback groups. There's a couple of amazing groups out there in particular that are good for getting a wider audience and receiving more feedback.
    :iconprojectcomment: ProjectComment provides a comment-for-comment system, that guarantees feedback on your art as long as you give it to others.
    :icongetwatchers: GetWatchers provides its own app (which can be found here) that allows you to both find other artists and have other artists view your work.

  • Make good use of #hashtags. You can add hashtags to your artwork; add those that are relevant to your art. You can add tags for characters, scenery elements, emotions, etc. Basically, put yourself in the mind of someone searching for art; what would you type in the searchbar to find an artwork like yours?

I hope these tips will help a little bit for some beginners! They all helped me. There's no real trick to getting recognition on DeviantArt though, it's simply just a lot of work on your part. Try it out, and see what works best for you!

And last but not least, here's some super new artists that have great galleries!

Feel free to check them out!

Desert Haggle by 19VodNiK  Welcome to the Bar by 19VodNiK  Feline Magic by 19VodNiK
19VodNiK --> This cool artist makes the most amazing cartooney illustrations!

Gathora Mountains (Dusk) by Lichtgeborener  Dolbay (Night) by Lichtgeborener  Elysium by Lichtgeborener
Lichtgeborener --> I absolutely love this artist's creative sceneries and amazing worldbuilding!

2018 (06 - 05) Still Life 1 by Noodlerabbit88  2018 (06 - 22) Stonehenge under water (1) by Noodlerabbit88  2018 (06 - 18) Elephant and Giraffe in a Fishtank  by Noodlerabbit88
Noodlerabbit88 --> This artist's colourful traditional artworks are worthy of an illustrated kid's book <3

Blackberry progress V by Jane-Vu-Art  Street food in vietnam II by Jane-Vu-Art  Tokay gecko by Jane-Vu-Art
Jane-Vu-Art --> This traditional artist has some of the most detailed artworks I've seen in a while!

Untitled by Damitaza  Afro Diaries by Damitaza  Sunflower Ties by Damitaza
Damitaza --> I just love the beautiful portraits this artist creates <3 Curly hair! :heart:

Irreality png by Pur3e  Logo for Derping Around Discord png by Pur3e  DNA png 2 by Pur3e
Pur3e --> I really adore the logo designs this artist does!

Princess x Knight by shadow-rin  Magical Tree by shadow-rin  Succubus by shadow-rin
shadow-rin --> I'm getting the best fantasy-vibes from looking at this artist's gallery!

Feel free to give these amazing artists a look/comment/fav/watch! They're all new, and I'm pretty sure they would really appreciate it :D 


#how #to #become #popular #gain #recognition #views #pageviews #get #receive #more #famous #favs #favourites #be #watchers #followers #tutorial #tips #tricks 


Just to let you all know I'm gone for a week! Replying to comments and contest entries will be slow ;-)
Am I the only one noticing a couple of bugs in the system the last couple of days? On my most recent journal, all comments and most +favs are suddenly gone, even though they still show up in people's activities. 

As for the other bug, I found that several search terms (usually consisting of 2+ words) give no or less results... For example, "my hero academia" gives 22000 results, whereas "myheroacademia" gives 50000. What's going on on  this website? XD
So what's the whole deal with those render "artists"? How do these people think you can justify taking an artwork, removing all the background so only the character is left, removing watermarks and signatures, and posting it without credit so that other people can make ugly wallpapers out of it? It's still art thievery all the same. 
So, does anyone know of an effective way to report art thieves these days? In the past, we could simply report a stolen artwork with a link to the original, but these days only the original artist is allowed to report... But what if that original artist is long gone? Do art thieves just get their way? Whenever I comment on their pages, they simply block me so that I can't even access their page anymore, and block evasion will get me banned xD

Sigh, the follies of DA, I hope this gets changed soon!
I would've loved to finish the Stevonnie artwork this evening, but my computer (and I) are currently NOT loving the heatwave going around in this area xD 


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