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[FoRLoVE Nuzlocke] Eclipse

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I'm Vix, a multimedia artist and scientist! I enjoy drawing lots of fanart, working on comics and animations, and injecting lots of my study subjects into my stories.

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✧ Updates on my Nuzlocke comic! ✧

[ FoRLoVE ] Kitesurfing

Join Eclipse and Mortar on their journey through Johto in this Pokemon Soulsilver nuzlocke comic!

Progress on FoRLoVE Page:

Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U! Sketch: Done!

Dot Bullet (Yellow Green) - F2U! Lineart: Done!

Dot Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! Flatcolour: 14/19

Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Banner: [Still no idea what to draw]

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A little F.A.Q. and some important links!

My Tutorials and Resources:

Gold bullet How to do Commissions!

What software and apps do I use?

I use a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro with Clip Studio Paint for my big illustrations and comic pages. Additionally, I use an iPad 7th gen with ProCreate and Clip Studio Paint for "drawing-on-the-go", as well as my trustworthy sketchbook+pencil!

Can I commission you?

Not at the moment, sorry! With the kind of work I do (science) I don't have enough time to work on my own art as it is, let alone do art for other people :'D

Can I draw your OCs?

Yes you can! Please tag me if you do!

Can I repost your art?

Absolutely not. You can not upload my art anywhere without asking, not even if you credit me. Reposting art is incredibly rude and usually done in bad faith (e.g. to gain views/likes/upvotes/followers on sites like Reddit and Instagram).

Instead, you can of course just share the link to my art on sites like Reddit, and on Twitter you can retweet my art posts. As for Instagram, I would rather not see my art there at all!

Go to my Twitter if you want more frequent updates on my webcomic! I post WIPs there that I would never post here =)

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So... Pokemon League of Legends just got announced, and I have no doubt it will be a massive success, but... lol y'all, it's almost LITERALLY LoL, I can't believe how much of a ripoff it is :'D This new game has more similarities with LoL than DA-Ec

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Fuck off phishing bot

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You are a fantastic human being, and I love your work! Keep being awesome!

Vixenkiba General Artist

Aahw same goes to you Keoko, you're epic and can't wait for more art!

Thanks for the llama!

aaaa thank you so much for the llama!

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Thanks for the llama it was delicious!