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Official forms of Anna and Tom-SIZE CHART by VixenDra
All the figures on the chart above are either Anna(red female forms) or Tom(white male forms). They are our shapeshifting artselves we - :icontomsshape::iconvixendra: - identify with.

We love receiving art of our shapeshifting alter egos, so if you'd like to draw us, you'll most likely make our day if you do^^
But not all contents are okay with us, and are officially forbidden through this post. Our artselves represent real people, after all, and this is how we treat art featuring them (or, rather, us).

If you draw our artselves while respecting our rules, you'll make us feel very happy about your gift^^
But if you break them, we'll likely request you to delete the pic or report it if you refuse. They are too personal to us^^;

12.07.2017 Official announcement:
by producing any kind of art featuring Anna or Tom (Draffectionates), you automatically agree that we(VixenDra&TomsShape /Draffectionates) get full rigths to display/(re-/)post the piece on any website once any of us has seen the given image. (Re-/)Posting rights cannot be taken away from us at any point in the future for any reason.
We're obligued to provide a proper credit to the artisist consisting of their username (and/or real name) and a link to their submission if applicable.
If you disagree, you have no permission to draw Anna nor Tom.

TIP: What we worship the most in art in general?
  • The character likeness (colour schemes, markings, and other characteristic traits on the character design level)
  • General neat appearance of the artwork (especially shapes - if it's not too out of shape, it's enjoyable:flirty:)
  • Proper credits (characters' names, owners, and, optionally, refs)

General rules on usage of our artselves in visual art:

What is fine in general?

  • Anything solo of any rating, introverted and calm personalities preferable.
  • Anything with just two of us in love related scenes (starting with silly, ending with exalted) - any rating.
  • In case of other character(s) involved the safiest thing is to ask: tell us your idea and we'll tell you if we're okay with it.

What is inacceptable in general?

  • Hate art against our artselves
  • Humiliation of any of our artselves
  • Conscious design changes
  • Flirt/romance/sex with any other character(s)/shipping (=unfaithfulness/cheating)
  • Unusual fetishes (if it's not light bondage, please, ask us first)

If you're still unsure, please use the detailed guide below and if these still don't answer your question, ask us directly, we won't bite for this:)

Detailed rules:

1. 1 character & in general


  • Nudity(no clothes) only. They can wear animal-related stuff, jewellery, and some bondage accessories that don't cover the body.
  • Introvert and calm personality.
  • As long as it doesn't humiliate or kill the character it's fine


  • Removal of the sheath from the male or the nipples from the female if they are present on the dA-posted reference sheet of the given form (not comfortable with that? just go for a pose that would cover the problematic part); Exeptions: chibi styles
  • Adding scrotum, sheath, nipples etc. on forms that don't have them on their refs. No exceptions.
  • Clothes. Our alter-egos don't wear clothes by definition, their fur/scales/skin are enough for them; Exeptions: rare possible (e.g. knight  armor or sexy lingerie or costume - ask!)
  • Inventing new forms we've never drawn without asking us if we're fine with the species and how we'd like to look like in the given unofficial form. No exceptions.
  • Pregnancy/offspring/parenthood. No exceptions.

2. us 2 as a couple

We're bonded with lasting true love - our relatonship is strictly monogamous and 100% faithful.
We're open for a wide range of love-related things as long as it doesn't involve any other being (alive or dead), goop, or causing physical suffering on purpose.

3. Anna &/or Tom + our irl pet animals

Our living pets are(from oldest to youngest):
Emeralda the royal python (python regius) (Tom's)
Nari the central bearded dragon (pogona vitticeps) (Anna's)

First of all, please, keep them similar to their irl selves^^ They're existing individuals:)


  • typical irl owner+pet interactions(staring at, feeding, holding, carrying, talking to, stroking, hugging)
  • the irl pet-to-human proportion according to our size chart OR our forms having the size reduced to human size


  • changing our pets into sapient/anthropomorphic creatures (they are just more or less tamed animals with animal minds and mimic and must remain so in art, meaning they can't e.g. make human faces (e.g. smile), talk, take anthro forms etc.)
  • zoophilia/bestiality
  • cruelty
  • combining the deceased individuals with those who arrived after their death (e.g. you can't put Nari and Anna's late russian tortoise Bestyjka together) or changing the age difference (e.g. you can't put baby Emeralda with adult Nari) - those are impossible situations. Exeption: a tribute to all of our pets.

4. Anna &/or Tom + other character(s)


  • neutral interactions (chatting, laughing, hand-shaking, playing non-adult games, eating etc.)
  • another character can be a watcher in case of romance, unnoticed watcher in case of adult contents - please keep the distance.
  • fight in certain circumstances (ask!)


  • flirt, romance or sex with other character(s) (ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN!!! While we'll probably ignore disrespect of other rules, especially in requested and gift art, we will absolutely NOT tolerate violations of this rule!)
  • hugs, 'innocent' kisses, touches; exeptions: rather for irl friends, possible non affectional 'man-hugs' (ask) or friendly 'violent' gestures (e.g. poking) (ask)
  • intended/conscious exhibitionism

Please, ask us about your plans of including another character into an image with Anna &/or Tom if it involves an interaction between our alter ego(s) and the other character(s).
We aren't social types and your idea may be too out-of-character to pass as is.

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