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Rockin' with Aryena

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So many years! It was the highest time to make one of the Draffectill-themed Patreon doodles finished and submittable^^

The event would take place in their after-plot home, which I have still yet to design.
Their home is located on the planet most of the plot took on. They had to do lots of work and magic to make electronics work there:) Billie couldn't be left without rock and his electric guitar forever!  

Haha, yay, dressed Billie xD

Billie & Aryena ("Draffectill") ©:iconvixendra:

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canon-friendly fanart welcome, please ask quetions if in doubt.
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"Play Dragonforce again!"
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It's SO wonderful to see these two, again! Clap 
I'd like to draw a pic of Billie playing guitar like this one myself! 
ROCK 'N ROLL! Guitar Player revamp 
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Thanks! They are still dear to me :aww: (And not only because without them Tom and I would never meet:o)
That would be awesome if you did! In this drawing I included his guitar's design (I just forgot I wanted the 4 winders black, not silver, ahha xD will fix within upcoming weeks, it's a small detail but it bugs me:P), and even dressed Billie into a T-shirt with his guitar's brand logo on it^^ I really couldn't wait to share this little Earthly treasure of his with everyone^^ (also, this hobby excuses his visual style:D the hair, the makeup, the clothes... all of this seems to be making so much more sense now:P)
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Rocking with a gituar with a dragon thats what's up!
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Amazing drawing :)
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