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Character  AryenaCharacter  BillieLocation  Garlundena
A peaceful morning in the elven hut they occupy

(English is not my motherlanguage, it's just a rough translation, I'm also self-aware of being no writer and that I need to hire one someday when I'm ready with the project and decide to release it as a novel^^)

Italics=character's thoughts

Clouds were drifting lazily across the dawn-lit sky. Billie was relishing the closeness of the Dragoness. He almost forgot he was nude,  it did not matter to him at the moment. He was listening to her heartbeat and her steady breathing, watching her scarlet body rise and sink peacefully, her white breast glowing with a subtle, slowly pulsating light in the area protected by the amulet. She was sleeping so soundly, her sight and presence was filling Billie with happiness. He did not want anything to interrupt these moments, yet a battle awaited them, the timing and outcome of which no one could predict. He remembered that. It was not improbable that one of them would die. But it's not the time to think about it... now, while possible, we shall cherish each second spent together. He snuggled tightly into her, to feel her warmth with almost every inch of his body.

The scene belongs to my fantasy story
I used this drawing as this angle's reference:… .

Aryena & Billie ("Draffectill") ©:iconvixendra:
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HanamiYumeno's avatar
This is simply beautiful~ So calm and lovely atmosphere~
I love their poses, look natural. 
Pretty style of drawing <3
DracoannaShadow's avatar
i think this my favorite of all your art work. its so cute and just oozes of emotion. well done.
MisserBK's avatar
This is really amazing, I am with my mouth open. You have talent!
I wanna read the story in my language "spanish". Sounds good! :D
lonelynightrain's avatar
The way that you've the roundness and the fullness of your dragoness character, really captures my mind.
Wonderful job!
Bowtothedrow's avatar
Nothing like dragon/human romance!
spazoid42's avatar
i wanna read the story do u have it up in english anywhere
VixenDra's avatar
The whole story is still in progress, I published this short part of it: [link] and I will publish another one titled
"The first true kiss" (events that are described in this part happened earlier than "Coalescence"). I'll submit it as soon as possible but not earlier than in few days or weeks, so stay tuned:aww:
PS. I'm happy you're interested in this story:D
spazoid42's avatar
thanks ill take a look asap...i cant wait to read more
VixenDra's avatar
Cool:) And I can't wait to let you read more:aww:
snoopgirl55's avatar
this is beautiful, really sweet
WendyFae's avatar
i love this sooooo much. so beautiful
Bluerayblacksoul's avatar
OMG! It's fantastic! ^^
Shaori07's avatar
Awww, it's so cute^^,
AngeliqueRaindrops's avatar
You have been featured here: The Listening News Article and Journal. Please make sure you fave the article, and drop a comment if you have time. I hope you enjoy! :huggle:

BlackGryph0n's avatar
Oh lord have mercy this is SOOO cute!!! :faint: I envy Billie!!!
twincestoxa's avatar
OMG!!!! Darlin, this draw is from u book??? BOOK?!! i wanna read it! T.T I love all fantasy story... and this draw is very very sweet and great!...
You're amazing!! I love how u draw!
VixenDra's avatar
Thank you:hug:
The book isn't finished yet. I need few years for it and then I'll try to publish it.
BUT soon(maybe in month) I'll submit a short translated text about those two characters (Draffectill theme)^^
twincestoxa's avatar
I am thrilled to read your book. I think it's a good idea that you raised!
You know, I love everything about fantasy.
In fact, I'm also writing a magical story.
In my book Tom is a wolf who is transformed into a man by a Sorcerer.
Bill is an ordinary guy who keeps a secret that not even known. (Is an elf, but sshhh xD)
VixenDra's avatar
I spoted Bill's similarity to elf few years ago:). This role fits to his face:D (And ears too). My Billie was judged as a bit similar to elves (in face features) by one of them;) I think it's the great solution to make him as an elf:) (in my story he is a half-vampire^^)
twincestoxa's avatar
xD hahaha
If I see that Billy also looks like an elf.
in your story, what role is Bill?
How met the dragon?
I have curiosity. :)
VixenDra's avatar
Hi's one of two main characters. He is a human but after he met dragon and got underway, the magical world started to change him and now he is not an obvious human, but he stied still a humanoid.
He... just met this dragonxD.
twincestoxa's avatar
Your story is interesting.I love all these kinds of stories. Will be an honor for me to read your book when you publish.
You also have a lot of talent to draw. you're a great artist:)
VixenDra's avatar
Look for infos in :icondraffectill: group or in my profile page:) (but not earlier than in few years^^;)
Thank you:hug:
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