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It's been awhile. I probably should have said something sooner but I'm kind of bad at talking about such things. So lets get down to the heart of the matter.  

Back in October, of last year, there were some significant changes that happen in my life and in my job. Those changes made it considerably more difficult, but not impossible, to work on my web comic Imperial Entanglements. 2017 was a year of constant stress. There was enough things both big and small that went unresolved and un-dealt with that by the time October hit, it hit me hard. I don't deal with stress well and when I reach my breaking point I tend to go into full hermit mode. While in hermit mode I made almost no artwork for about 3 months and that made me honestly feel worst because I love creating. 

Currently I am slowly working my way out of this funk. I'm making artwork again and I'm feeling a bit better. 

I loved working on Imperial Entanglements. I loved making you guys laugh. I loved that there were so many of you that looked forward to my updates. All of your kind words and support was wonderful and I thank you all for that. However the web comic was a source of stress that I just don't have the time or the head space to deal with right now.  I know it sucks. There are so many fun things I wanted to show you guys. I won't say I will never start up the comic again but for now Imperial Entanglements is going on indefinite hiatus. I'm sorry guys but that's just the way of it. There are about 11 comics that I haven't (for some reason) uploaded here on DA which did get uploaded to the Website. I'll be uploading them here over the next few weeks.  
Having very little free time and even less sleep over the past two months has negatively effected how I feel about Imperial Entanglements. I don't want to feel this way. I want to look forward working on the next page instead of dreading it. I don’t want to feel the the time spent working on the comic is preventing me from working on other projects. But right now that is how I feel.

I tried powering through and the end result was two week's worth of half finished comics. I am not OK with that. I think the best course of action at this point is to take a short break. I have a stack of comics and books I haven't had time to read. I haven't played SWTOR in MONTHS.  I have so many ideas for pictures I want to draw and cosplay armor/weapons I want to craft.  

I want to continue this comic, but right now I just need to spend some time doing something else so I can look forward to working on it again. My biggest regret is that I kind of feel like I'm letting you guys, my readers, down. Your enthusiasm for Imperial Entanglements has been wonderful and is a big reason why I want to continue.  I hope you guys will understand and will stick around while I get my shit in order.
I haven't slept in 30 hours but hey I'm in Egypt. And sleep deprivation has been my constant companion for the last 2 weeks so no big deal. Tomorrow I get to see pyramids :D
I fly out early tomorrow and then will spend the next two weeks experiencing all the sights and sounds of an awesome country I have always wanted to visit! Needless to say for the next two weeks I'm not going to be around. I just wanted to let you guys know so you were not wondering where I was. I plan to make another journal about all my adventures when I get back. Until then, I hope you guys have a fun few weeks without me. :) 
Sorry for the delay. :( 

I'm in an art funk. I need to get out of said art funk. So I'm going to do something I haven't done in years. Take free art requests. Please read the rules below before making your request. If you can't be bothered to read and follow directions I can't be bothered to make you free artwork.


Step One: Read ALL the instructions FIRST. I will not be doing these first come first serve. You do not need to reserve a spot and you have plenty of time to read instructions.

Step Two: Reply to this journal post with your request. Your request needs to include:

  • Whatever pictorial and or written reference material you think I need to make your character look how you want.
  • Your request in 5 words or less. It can be a short phrase or a collection of words I don't care but it has to be 1-5 words.
  • You can make a maximum of 2 requests. Please make both requests in the same post (or at lest as a reply to your first request so it keeps everything in the same spot). I will only fulfill one request per person.

Examples (Dear God, this artwork is so old.  It's been like forever since I've done one of these): 

So tired.. But.. Mm.. tea.  

Tea by Vixen11

Archery, steampunk, nighttime, romance, chains
Psychedelic, steampunk, super-science, pipe

Step Three: Sit back and relax if I choose your request you'll see it posted in my gallery.


Additional Info

  • This is not first come first serve. I will do whatever requests I feel like doing regardless of what order I get them in.

  • I will not do any adult requests. Suggestive is fine but nothing that needs to be marked mature by DA's standards.

  • I will only do single character requests (no couples)

  • You are welcome to request human, humanoid, alien, and or anthropomorphic characters and anything in between.

  • If your request is for a personal character (fandom/video game OC or original OC) please only request art for your character and not one belonging to someone else. I do not want to deal with that kind of potential drama.

  • I don't know how many of these I will do.

  • These may just be sketches, they maybe in the style I use for my comic, they maybe in the style I use for my commissions/illustrative pieces, they maybe black and white, maybe full colored they may or may not have backgrounds. I have no idea. It'll be a surprise for everyone.

  • If I don't choose your request it's nothing personal, nor is it a reflection of who I think you are as a person. Please don't try to make me feel guilty for not choosing you. Attempting to make me feel guilty for not choosing to do your request is a very good way to ensure that I NEVER do something like this again and will make me seriously consider never working with you again.

  • I am not doing art trades, please do not ask. 


If your request is fulfilled you may upload it to your personal gallery provided you:

  • Give me credit for creating it
  • Do not remove the watermark
  • Do not make money off of the picture in any way (this includes offering it as a print on Deviant Art)
  • Link back to the original picture posted in my gallery or my user page.


I have been posting on tumblr for awhile. I guess I don't really mention it much on this site because it's mostly the same stuff I post here. It seems a bit redundant to follow me both places.  But recently someone has be posting a bunch of my star wars fan art on tumblr. They are giving me credit and linking back to my deviant art page so I'm not mad at all. I have no problem if they wish to keep doing that. So long as there is a link back to one of my galleries/blogs/website I will never get angry at someone pimping my stuff. That said, it's probably a good idea to let you guys know about my tumblr blogs.  This tumblr contains all my Star Wars related art, including my comic (Imperial Entanglements) and whatever other random star wars or swtor related things I feel like posting.   This tumblr contains most everything else that is not Star Wars related. Also most of my non-comic star wars fan art. 

Enjoy! :) 
...taking place underneath my bedroom window got off to an early start today. Boy am I glad I work nights so I can be home during the day to enjoy it. Sure wouldn't want to miss all this fun by sleeping. 

Apparently saving your place of employment from burning down gets you a high five and a $15 subway card. Actually that's a lie, I didn't get a high five. I did a nice letter from both my plant boss and my security company boss (I have like 5 different bosses) and a subway gift card.

Which is cool but the best news is that my kitties survived the fire. We have two feral cats that my co-workers an I have collectively raised since they were kittens. I was a little worried about them, with all the fire and the increased traffic. Luckily they both showed up the next day to tolerate me petting them in exchange for food. As is their custom. So huzza for free sandwiches and feral cats.  

Not all of it, if the whole place had gone up in flames you'd be hearing about it on the national news.  I also probably wouldn't be typing this right now. I'd still be at work.  But still a sizable portion none the less.   Without going into too many details as to were I work let me just say it was an interesting night. Full of fire, phone calls, back roads, and trying to not fuck up around the boss lady who I never see because I work nights. The good news is, no one was hurt, no buildings burnt down, and the boss lady said I did a good job.  I also got to sit and watch a fire burn for a few hours in-between doing stuff, and that was pretty cool.  So go me and go fire crews with rapid response times! 
I did a number of activities I haven't be able to do for the past month such as:

Log into SWTOR
Talk with guildies
Clean the apartment 
Do the dishes 
Draw my comic 
Work on my commissions
Go to the gym
Read all the comics I've been buying (The Princess Leia comic is kind of a little awesome, also Sandman.) 
Not get called into work for unscheduled over time.  

It's been one hell of a weekend. We now have clean forks, this is a novelty. 
Wished me a happy birthday this week, Thanks!  I'm 15 hours into this birthday and have thus far managed to avoid any festive headgear.  It's been a good day.  
I'm going to be attending Denver Comic Con next weekend! This will be my 3rd year and I may or may not be in costume. If you are also attending, and have a burning desire to meet me, now is your chance! Just let me know and I will try to maybe coordinate something. I'm not sure there is any interest in this but I thought I'd throw it out any ways. 

If you just want to use this journal post to talk about how awesome Denver Comic Con is and how excited you are for next weekend then have at it. This year is looking to be even more fun then last year. 
My boss calls me and tells me I don't have to work tonight. I'd be more angry about her not calling me sooner if I didn't just get out of working a 12 hour over time shift I did not want. 
I'm open for commission until April 22nd or I fill three spots. Which ever happens first.  Here's what I am offering.

Update: God damn people that was fast. So The 3 slots are already filled. If that changes (i.e. some one backs out) I'll update this journal accordingly. 

All prices listed in US Dollars Pay Pal is what I use for payment.

Single Character bust simple background full color

Starting at $20
Ilayas by Vixen11 Why am I wearing this flower crown? by Vixen11

Single character waist up simple background full color

Starting at $40 (may be more depending on complexity of character)
Aravail by Vixen11 Scorpiosa-x by Vixen11  Altade by Vixen11

Single character full body simple background full color

Starting at $60 (may be more depending on complexity of character)
Ravager by Vixen11 Jedi Sentinel by Vixen11  Jaris Gramier by Vixen11

  • I can give a more accurate quote once I see a picture of your character.
  • As for subject matter I'll do Human, non-human, humanish, furry, fan art, your OCs,  whatever. 
  • This is all I am offering at this time I will not be doing more complex backgrounds, additional characters.  
  • I will do NSFW stuff though I do have some restrictions, just ask.

If you wish to commission me just send me a note here on Deviant Art. 

Hey everyone I’m posting this to give a signal boost for an important community project. The good people over at TOR Community have been working hard to make the best SWTOR fan site they can and now they want to take things a step further. With the shutting down of Ask Mr. Robot and Tor Head SWTOR doesn't have an item database website any more. TOR Community would like to change that but they could use some help.

So they’ve started this kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to speed the process along. So far it’s been a successful campaign as they reached their initial funding under 24 hours! But the more money they raise the quicker things can move along. I would have advertised the fact that at I donated two commission for the highest donation level but, those already sold out. So huzza for that! I've known Hayward for a few years and he is a stand up guy who has already contributed a sizable about of his own money out of pocket as well as huge amounts of time to this website. So if you like what TOR Community does and you would like to see them add an item database to all of the other awesome things that they do consider throwing a few bucks their direction.  

They go and do something that reminds me why that's a bad idea. I will give them extra points for this round of drama.  Selling FA to IMVU, can honestly say I didn't see that one coming.  Whatever comes from this match made in some unfathomably horrid plane of existence I currently have the luxury of sitting back and just watching the fires burn from the comfort of the other art sites I post on. 

For me there is no down side. Against all odds, FA could actually improve and becomes a better art site. Or, as I predict, it all goes to hell and everyone switches over to Weasyl which would be better than FA in every way if it had a larger user base. 
Fox is thinking of bring back the X-Files..... *Fan Girl Squealing!*  I want this to be true so bad, you have like no idea. 
My current employer has lost the contract for the job site I work at. The good news is that the new company wants to hire all of us when they take over and we get paid the same. This will be the second time this has happened to me. The bad news is it's a new company and there are a lot of unknowns. If everything the new company is saying is true then things will go on pretty much the same if not better then before. But the last company made a lot of promises when they took over that never came true.  So I'm kind of taking everything they say with a grain of salt.

It'd be hard to be worst then the old company and still function as a business. I don't want to go into specifics but the company I currently work for made international news a few years back for doing a really rather terrible job. It seems that failures of management that plagued our existence at the local level were endemic across the company. 

One good thing is the new company has female uniforms. For the past 4 years I've been wearing men's uniforms. I'm not a terribly vain person but I look forward to being able to wear women's pants. Men's pants are not terribly accommodating to my hips or my short short legs. If the new company can get us our uniforms in the first week of working for them I'll be impressed. It took the current company over 2 months to get one of our employee's his uniform when we switched over to them. The office claimed that his uniforms kept getting shipped to New York. I'm not sure how you confuse Wyoming with New York but apparently it happened repeatedly.  Oddly enough after a "surprise" visit from the company management his uniform appeared a few days latter. So like I said it'd be hard to be worst then what we already have.  Here's hoping they can over come my incredibly low expectations. 
If their intent was to accurately capture the new direction they are taking with this site then mission accomplished. I have no idea where the hell things are going. The changes leave me confused, disgruntled, and with an urge to yell at the damn kids to get off my non-existent lawn. I just hope whatever they end up doing with the mobile app makes up for all the weird off putting things they have been doing with the main site. I am not feeling particularly optimistic.