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I don't do requests. Please do not ask me for free artwork.

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Pulp Fiction
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The X-Files
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Neil Gaimen & Ray Bradbury
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Star Wars The Old Republic
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Pencil Paper, Wacom tablet, SAI, and Photoshop
I'm not active here but I've kept my art up because I know people enjoy it and whatever issues I had with the new ownership I was fine letting people to continue to enjoy my work here. With the cluster fuck that is currently twitter I was considering coming back as I like to have at lest 2 places where I am active and twitter might not be viable for much longer. With the new announcement of the AI art thing here I'm thinking I just might have to delete everything here. That makes me sad. I'm giving you guys a heads up and a reminder of the other places where you can find me. My main tumblr blog : My star wars/Imperial Entanglements blog: (I don't post there much but it has my old comics and star wars art) Imperial Entanglements comic: (the most complete collection of my comics) Twitter (for however long it lasts): Even with the public back lash is enough to stop DA from
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Man they fucked the search functionality in the new design. I just love not being able to search in categories and the fact that they just totally nuked sub categories. Some times I feel like this site actively wants me to stop using it. Like oh all those things you liked, yeah we got rid of them because this site is not for you. I'm not sure who this redesign is for. I'm not sure what sort of user is having a better experience with Eclipse. I assume there is some one out there that is delighted with these changes. But that person is not me. I hope whom ever Eclipse was made for is delighted. I hope that it was worth loosing me as a user. You can find me on and
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I'm not the most active on this site but I know there are a number of you that still follow me here. I also know that there's a lot of people that aren't happy with the incoming redesign, myself included. I'll try the Eclipse when they force me to use it. If I can manage it I'll stay here if not I'll focus my efforts elsewhere.   But before all that goes down it's worth mentioning you can also follow me on tumblr : as well as Twitter : I will still be posting on those sites, so feel free to follow me there if you so choose.
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Hey, you may be aware already, but tvtropes has used one of your pictures to illustrate a page

ha that's hilarious thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for the llama, you have quite an interesting gallery, I like it!

Happy Birthday! :D
Happy Early Birthday, Ma'am.
Sincerely one of your hopefully entirely too many fans;
P.S. Your Imperial Entanglements series is simply too fabulous to lose, I hope you crosspost it to other sites you're able to. And soon at that.
Soon, it's going to be yet another regular day. Birds will sing...cats will meow...dogs will bark...geese will honk and steal peoples stuff.  

A typical, simple, regular day.

However, there is a small, tiny, exception.  The exception is for you, for that is the time when lightning was thrown from above by Zeus to herald your appearance.  Cast in the molten fires of Mount Olympus, and granted with a great creative power, you have been released upon the world to conquer it in whatever manner you see fit!  For it has been foretold by those who can see the future that you are great and true, and that it is your time to shout your joy to the heavens, and revel in the knowledge that on that day, it is written for you to have a Happy Birthday, with many more to come to increase your power and complete your creative conquest!

Also there's hand made cake and ice cream from down the street.  Those folks make some mighty fine cake indeed. Yum! :D (Big Grin) Have your cake and eat it too