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Name: Annie

Species: Unknown

Eye colour: Red, often wears green contact lenses

Hair colour: Dark grey-brown, almost black

Powers: As well as pathokinesis and mindreading, she has multiple abilities that involve manipulating computers and similar devices. Her voice also has some hypnotic properties, but strong willed people will not be affected by this.

Age: Unknown, at least 52, appears to be around 24

Personality: She is air-headed and fairly kind. Her murderous tendencies drive her a lot and her attitude differs greatly depending on who she's interacting with and she can get incredibly violent towards some people for incredibly slight reasons. She loves kids and will occasionally kidnap children. She keeps the hearts of her partners, she considers this fair as they had her heart and now she has theirs. She falls in love easily. She is also polyamorous.

Flaws: She is vain, yet self conscious. She is ditzy and often emotionally driven, ignoring others feelings often. Her heart has been broken over and over by her distorted appearance, driving her to dislike herself a lot.

Sexuality: Bisexual, leaning more towards men

Relationship status: Currently single
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JellyPickle's avatar
Damn those are some big boobs and thighs👍
TheOuillDeal's avatar
Jesus Christ, this woman must not have any intestines or a stomach because that waist is way too small to contain anything
vixen-the-pirate-fox's avatar
Well, she's not exactly human...But they're probably all in her huge boobies Lenny Face 2.0 Lenny Intensifies (chat emote)