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Maps tho

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I am a grey eyed, british, asexual brunette with some mental and physical disorders, be proud of your flaws, like I am of mine.

The uncanny valley, creepypasta OC

The uncanny valley, creepypasta OC

March 14th 2014 Dear diary, I met the most amazing girl today, she was sweet and smart. I met her over a dating site. She contacted me first, she said "Hi, my names Annie, what's yours?" I'd never been contacted on it before, so I was kind of nervous, but she seemed so polite. I told her my name and she said she'd read through my profile and thought I seemed nice. We might contact again soon. Love Ethan March 17th 2014 Dear diary, We were talking again, me and Annie. I found out she's British, she lives in south england and apparently she was born there. She's pretty far isn't she. We've been describing ourselves to each other and apparently

Hans Island description

Hans Island description

Her human name is Ava. She is both Canada's and Denmark's little sister (Hans island is disputed territory between Canada and Denmark.) She has silvery brown hair and purple eyes. Her shirt is flowy and loosely comes down to her elbows and leaves her shoulders uncovered, she wears a red and white skirt, as well as a pin that has either Canada's or Denmark's flag on it in her hair. She gets annoyed easily but is quite sweet under her hard exterior and rather shy, she is rather pale and suffers insomnia and OCD.

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

Friday 13 January 2017 . * This is a script style chat. NSFW content is allowed. #2 Erisolsprite [ERISOLSPRITE] joined chat. #1 the Batter (looking for OFF) [] joined chat. #1 Batter: *he walked up, bat in hand*you, tell me who the Guardian of this zone is #2 ERISOLSPRITE: not 2ure #1 Batter: wait, are you a specter? #2 ERISOLSPRITE: no< iim a 2priite *back2 awway a liittle* #1 Batter: sprite, specter, it's all the same to me*he swung* #2 ERISOLSPRITE: *he doged* wwhat the f*ck man #1 Batter: alpha, long chain #2 ERISOLSPRITE: *get2 hiit* wwhat are you doiin landdwweller #1 Batter: purifying you #2 ERISOLSPRITE: i


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