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The Necromancer

I'm a quiet, shy and reclusive hermit, but I have a good heart, is kind to others and am very trustworthy.

I'm also an experienced video game veteran and professional artist.


My expertise in art are animals, parody art, satire art, memes, original art and fanart (mostly video game fanart).

When I draw fanart, I stay faithful to the source material as possible.

I don't draw fetish art unless it's muscle-related.

I often draw something related to a holiday or anniversary. Most of my original art will be found on my personal website. I'm willing to draw anything as long as it's legal and doesn't go against the rules.


Anything that is bad or against my will. I stay out of trouble.


Q: Why did you get a DeviantArt account? A: As an experienced artist, it is to help get my art out there in the world. I want my personal website to look more professional by having just original art there, among other things. I thought that I would only use DA as just an extra place for my fanart and no more. However, I'm keeping my profile clean and well organized. My own site is my home.

Q: Why did you disable comments on both your profile and gallery, and why don't you write and post comments?

A: For safety. I do not want to be harassed. Even if you try to comment on my profile, I will still delete the comments anyway. Not offending anyone, but this is for safety. It is important that I stay away from toxic influence, flame wars, drama and other bad stuff. I also don't want to bother anyone, so you don't have to worry about that, either.

Q: You don't talk to strangers or everyone who likes your work, do you? A: Nope. I just like to submit my art. It's nice that people like my work though, and that's fine with me. I occasionally chat or send a note to one of my watchers who like my art, and that's pretty much it. I won't bother anyone.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: That should stay a secret since I much rather not be asked on where I get them, since everything that I draw are my own ideas. (Unless the description says otherwise) I do read a lot, offline and online. However, I will try to finish my work as soon as possible since I follow a deadline set up by myself.

Q: Do you even play the video games you draw fanart of?

A: Yes, of course I do. No need to ask silly questions like that. My interest in video games and franchises also have broadened over time, especially when it comes to a crossover game such as the Super Smash Bros. series. I also read professional reviews and am aware of the pros and cons of various games. As a historian, I would never grow out of anything that I actually like.

Q: Do you take requests, trades or commissions? A: Yes to requests and art trades, but no to commissions unless it's free. I won't use real money because money is for family only. Send me a note if you have a request or art trade in mind, or if you have any questions, and then I'll read it and see.

Q: Would you draw for a collab?

A: Sure.

Q: Why don't you join certain groups?

A: Because I had bad experiences with one group in the past, and learned not to repeat the same mistake again. I only join and submit to DeviantArt groups that I can trust. You are welcome to submit my art to any group you're a member or admin of as you wish.

Q: Why don't you give Llama Badges?

A: Because giving them is not my thing. Although I have no problem if other users give me one now and then.

Q: Are you (insert user here)?

A: Nope. I'm just me, Vix. Any similarity with another person is coincidental.


  1. I manage my reputation. I'm not into writing comments but I appreciate the support and all the favorites.

  2. Never ask for any personal information because it should stay private. If you have kind words, constructive criticism or anything else you want to say, then send me a note and then I will read and see.

  3. Trolling and harassing are not allowed. Constructive criticism is fine, but no trolling/flaming/harassing/calling out on me. It's not okay to write slanderous posts and articles about me anywhere online.

  4. Do not ask me for a date. I'm asexual and have no interest in getting into a relationship with anyone.

  5. Do not compare me to people that are infamous. Any similarity with another person is coincidental.

  6. Hacking is never allowed. I value my privacy. I know how to protect my stuff well (such as accounts) and fight back. You have been warned.

  7. All of my art is drawn by me. I would never steal other people's art in any form. I know that art theft is wrong, and yes, this includes tracing.

  8. I don't trace, do not accuse me. While some art do certainly look like redraws or personal interpretations, they are still not traces. I only redraw or use references on occasion, but that should not be seen as a bad thing.

  9. Do not report me, even if you don't like me. Putting me on a callout journal will not be tolerated. I'm not going to bother anyone since I don't write comments.

  10. Do not block me. I do like to look at other people's art on this site. It's best to ignore if you don't like me or what I draw.

  11. You don't have to like my art if you don't want to. Just don't be mean about it. That is all.

  12. And finally... Don't like my gallery? Then don't look. The back button is your friend.

Thanks for reading this and the fact that you have understood.


My official website

Vix @ Pixiv

Vix @ ArtStation

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
J-Rock, soundtracks from various video games and shows.
Favourite Games
I'm a Star Fox super fan, but I also like other games.
Favourite Gaming Platform
All video game systems, plus PC/computer and mobile.
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop CC (PC), Adobe Illustrator CC (PC), SketchBook (iPad Pro), traditional pen and paper, to name a few.