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Oof. Where to start? To begin chronologically I had a great time at EFNW, for the most part. There were friends, food, and fans. After the con I packed up everything in my car, which was quite full due to having everything I own in it. I'm moving to the Seattle area, so as you can imagine the car was stuffed. I locked the car and went to bed for the night. When I came out in the morning my car, along with most of my worldly possessions, was gone. The gated parking, hotel security, the locks on the car, the stickshift, none of this prevented a thief from driving away with my life. I'm sure it looked like a great haul to them. I'd've liked to have seen their face when they opened up the boxes and saw a bunch of pony stuff.

The police and the hotel have been kind but it has been made very clear to me that the odds of anything returning to me after this much time has passed are very low.

99% of the things of sentimental value that I owned are gone forever. There aren't words here to describe how I feel. 'Lost' is close. I cried when I realized that I put the afghan my grandmother knit before she passed on the bed where I'm staying temporarily just for some warmth. I've got that, a few pony things, some clothes, and my desktop computer (I am very thankful and very lucky to have the desktop). That's everything. Everything I own went from being able to fit in a car to being able to sit on a desk.

The last few days have been a bit of a blur. I'm trying to hold things together, still doing art to pay bills, still looking for art related work, still trying to find a place to live. I've gotten a great deal of support from friends. In particular the MLP con and art community have come together to help in big ways.

The car was insured, but since it's car insurance and I'm between permanent homes for renter's insurance there's nothing to cover any of the possessions within it. My friends have put together a gofundme here to help replace art supplies, day to day essentials, vendor merch, all the little things you need in time like suitcases, silverware, and spices. This Saturday (tomorrow) we are also hosting a set of charity art streams on picarto where a bunch of big name mlp artists are going to be drawing commissions or requests in exchange for donations, and some will be drawing their own thing, which is good too. If my stuff is found, all funds will be donated to the heifer foundation. If we go over the goal, half of the surplus will go to the Jenn Blake cancer treatment gofundme. Jenn Blake is one of the official mlp comic artists. I have vended alongside her a few times and while we haven't talked much she has always been kind and her art is wonderful. F#k cancer.

The support I have felt from this community has been beyond belief. I cannot thank you all enough. As corny as it is: friendship is magic.

P.S: I'll try to be there for the stream on Saturday. Lately I've been shaking so much that it's made art very difficult, but art is always difficult. Therein lies the fun.
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Rose Sounds like you've got a lot going on.  Best wishes and I hope you can set some time aside to relax.