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Long story short: send me a note with a description and we can get started.
Commissions available for a range of types:

$65 A single character, full body, simple background piece, with or without inks:
Attitude and Altitude by viwrastupr

$45 A single character, partial body, simple background piece.

$100 A single character, full body, detailed background, focus on the character piece, with or without inks:
Another Star by viwrastupr

More complex and more zoomed out pieces are available but they vary depending on complexity.

$30 Detailed portraits, simple background with or without inks:
Luna - Official Royal Portrait by viwrastupr Pinkie Pie Portrait by viwrastupr

$10 simple one hour works, always with inks, such as this:

Pipsqueak Normal Size by viwrastupr

Pricing can vary up or down depending on complexity. Extra characters and detail are extra, and vary from piece to piece.
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