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Long story short: send me a note with a description and we can get started.
Commissions available for a range of types:

$65 A single character, full body, simple background piece, with or without inks:
Attitude and Altitude by viwrastupr

$45 A single character, partial body, simple background piece.

$100 A single character, full body, detailed background, focus on the character piece, with or without inks:
Another Star by viwrastupr

More complex and more zoomed out pieces are available but they vary depending on complexity.

$30 Detailed portraits, simple background with or without inks:
Luna - Official Royal Portrait by viwrastupr Pinkie Pie Portrait by viwrastupr

$10 simple one hour works, always with inks, such as this:

Pipsqueak Normal Size by viwrastupr

Pricing can vary up or down depending on complexity. Extra characters and detail are extra, and vary from piece to piece.
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Do you do NSFW/fetishes?
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Do you do sketches?
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Hey are commissions in usd? do you do nsfw? An extra char for full body is $65?
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What are your prices for backgrounds and/or desktop wallpapers?
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Do you plan to revise this page for your new painting style?
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Timeless lessons and lunar serenity are both collaborations, a style which is only achievable if two artists work together. Sometimes you just have to dance is available and considered a normal painterly. If you want your commission to have a certain quality or style of light or anatomy I can work to make that happen.
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Must... Save up... Money... O_O
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I hate that I'm only 13. I either have to find something already online, or draw it, myself.

P.S. I noticed that very few artists do requests. And, only a very small percent of those who do requests are actually good at what they do.
Just create a student paypal account. Most artists take paypal.
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Yeah, being underage on the internet sucks sometimes =/

The reason artist that do requests are rare is because artists put down time and effort in drawings. Drawing for most people is either their main job or an extra job, but a job nonetheless (As well as a hobby, when they draw for themselves)

Think of it as a mechanic, they fix peoples cars for money, but they tinker with their own cars for fun.

Artists that do request are often unskilled, aspiring artists that need help coming up with ideas to draw. Once an artist get good enough to charge money for the work he/she does they usually do, because it's not easy to do art.

They don't charge money to be mean, they do it to survive.
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Yeah, I realize this. But, it still annoys me when I have a great idea for cover art and I can't get it. I can make vectors, easily, but it's painting that's hard.
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is this actual money, or points? All I have is points, plus i'm new on da, so I don't know where/how to give you actual cash. Only points. :/
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It would be money via paypal.
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ok... i'll see what i can do....
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Do you accept point commishes?
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I commissioned viwrastupr for this ( ) absolutely gorgeous piece of my OC pony and I have to admit I'm completely flabbergasted at how fast he works! I love his unique style and I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. I'll definitely be back again! :)
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I commissiond viwrastupr for this Marvelous piece of Art here… and I can only say I was blown away from his Talent, the Colors the Details and his understanding for emotional expresions are unique you can nearly feel the Characters and their emotion. And don't get me started on his Writing ability.

His Speed and Prices are realy good and recommendable. I will definitely commisiond more work from him.

If you Love real emotion full and excellent art, and seeks someone who should draw this, viwrastupr is exactly whom you seek.
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I commissioned viwrastupr today for this [link] and my expectations were obviously set too low because this is amazing! What's more, that was done within just four hours of requesting the commission.
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viwrastupr has been great to work with and I am considering commissioning more of his awesomeness in the future.

I wish I could draw as well, but between coding, learning into fanfics and learning into drawing, it's hard to find time for all three.
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Just in case anyone here is on the fence about a commission, I can give my own personal recommendation. viw here (I'm far too lazy to type his full name) is a fantastic artist with awesome prices and speedy work.

I commissioned this [link] and I expected it to be waiting a week for something I was barely satisfied with. What viw here gave me was an amazing piece in not even two days. I was so happy with how it turned out that I commissioned two more works and probably will commission more in the future.

So... that's really all I have to say.
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